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San Miguel launches new here's to the seekers campaign

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San Miguel, the UK’s Most popular World beer had announced the launch of its ‘Here’s to the Seekers’ ATL Campaign.

With its authentic Spanish heritage and its true spirit of adventure there are few names as iconic and revered as San Miguel in the world of beer.

Established in 1890 and with a rich history spanning over a century, San Miguel perfectly encapsulates the perfect balance of provenance and brewing excellence combined with a continued contemporary relevance for consumers.

With a global presence in over 44 countries, San Miguel continues to captivate beer enthusiasts worldwide, embodying a passionate and restless spirit that embraces the joy of discovery and the pleasures of life.

Therefore it’s no surprise that it continues to be the No.1 choice of world beer for UK drinkers.

Furthermore, as part of its ongoing dedication to investing in the brand, San Miguel has recently launched a new TV campaign: ‘Here's to the Seekers’.

This exciting campaign forms part of a multi-million pound joint investment with Mahou San Miguel, that encompasses TV, digital, and outdoor platforms, celebrating adventure and those who value enriching experiences. Timed perfectly for summer, this new ad solidifies San Miguel's position as the Spanish beer of choice for those who seek a more fulfilling life.

The most widely known and consumed Spanish lager, at the heart of San Miguel is their mission to celebrate those with an eager spirit, a sense of adventure and those who seek to live a richer life.

With 77 international awards, San Miguel Especial’s 5.0% ABV light golden lager with a moderate bitterness delivers UK consumers a gateway to Spanish passion and spontaneity, with gluten free and 0.0% variants also available.


Reasons to Stock San Miguel:

1. The most popular world beer for UK Drinkers. ​San Miguel is the #1 brand of choice in the UK On Trade*​, with more consumers choosing to drink the brand than any other in the market. In fact, 6 out of every 10 Spanish beers sold in the world are San Miguel**​.

*CGA BrandTrack 01 2023) **Excluding volume from Spain, Global Data 2022

2. Global Recognition and Appeal:​ San Miguel has garnered a loyal and dedicated following around the world, winning 77 international awards; making it a brand with global recognition and appeal. By stocking San Miguel, you tap into a brand that resonates with customers both locally and internationally. Its strong reputation for quality and consistency ensures that customers will seek out and appreciate the presence of San Miguel in your establishment.

3. Catering to Adventurous Consumers:​ San Miguel appeals to individuals who crave a richer life and seek out unique experiences. By offering San Miguel, you cater to adventurous customers who value exploration and authenticity.

What Bar Staff need to know: 

  • Spanish Brewing Excellence: ​San Miguel boasts a long-standing tradition of brewing excellence, ensuring a consistently high-quality product. Educate customers about the brand's Spanish heritage and the unique brewing process that contributes to the exceptional taste and aroma of San Miguel.
  • Embrace the "Here's to the Seekers" Campaign: ​Familiarize yourself with the key elements and messaging of the "Here's to the Seekers" campaign. Highlight the campaign's focus on adventure, meaningful experiences, and the celebration of a richer life. Encourage customers to embrace the spirit of exploration and opt for San Miguel as their beverage of choice.
  • Serve with Spanish Flair: ​Enhance the San Miguel experience by serving it in a way that reflects the Spanish lifestyle. Always be sure to serve San Miguel in the iconic San Miguel chalice glass, to add a touch of Spanish flair to the presentation. Highlight the beer's refreshing qualities, allowing customers to fully immerse themselves in the Spanish experience. 

Choosing to stock San Miguel beer brings with it a rich heritage, exceptional craftsmanship, versatile flavour profiles, and global appeal. By providing your customers with the opportunity to enjoy a San Miguel, you demonstrate a commitment to offering high-quality beverages and an authentic beer experience. Remember to serve each style at the recommended temperature to maximize the enjoyment of San Miguel.

Cheers to San Miguel, a brand that embodies the spirit of brewing excellence and delivers a taste that stands the test of time.

Contact your local Carlsberg Marston's representative or call 0800 0854646 for more information on the No.1 International Spanish lager.

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