Alcohol Consumption

Off the wagon: men aren't supportive of women's choice to drink less


Men push women off #DryJanuary wagon

By Nicholas Robinson

Men are more likely to push their female partners off the #DryJanuary wagon, goad them into breaking healthy drinking plans and consume more alcohol than the other way round.

Despite the fact total alcohol consumption fell, beer's share of the market rose by 1%

Alcohol consumption falls by 18% in a decade

By James Wallin, M&C Report

The latest figures show alcohol consumption fell again in 2014 – for the eighth year in the past 10 – while beer increased its share of the market.

A drink to your good health

By Poppleston Allen

The recent announcement of Lord Brooke’s Private Members Bill “to make provision for the addition of the public health objective to the Licensing Act 2003” shows that there is still a school of thought which sees the licensing process as a means of controlling...

Zolfo Cooper partner Paul Hemming: 'If the government is to make progress in this area then a new approach is required'

Drinkers still not keeping count on alcohol consumption

By Mark Wingett

Government and health bodies’ attempts to persuade consumers to think about how many alcohol units they are consuming appear to be failing, with the vast majority of UK adults admitting that they don’t keep track, according to new consumer research.

BBPA reveals that alcohol consumption has dropped

Alcohol consumption drops to lowest this century

By Michelle Perrett

Alcohol consumption in the UK during 2012 fell to the lowest level this century, the British Beer & Pub Association’s (BBPA) Statistical Handbook 2013 has shown.

Alcohol consumption

Danger: health warning

By Rob Willock

The demonisation of pubs by the health lobby is a shameful example of the very worst sort of illiberal hectoring from society’s nannies and self-proclaimed moral guardians.

Talk of a binge-drinking 'epidemic' in UK is naive, suggests Phil Mellows

The epidemic of declining alcohol consumption

By Phil Mellows

From the academic reports of august professional bodies to red-top splashes it’s become common to characterise Britain’s drink problem as an ‘epidemic’. It’s a very peculiar epidemic that afflicts fewer and fewer people year after year, but that seems...

Time to act on excessive consumption, says health minister Anne Milton

Milton: "we do not want to be killjoys"

By Michelle Perrett

The Government does not want to be “killjoys” but has to act against excessive alcohol consumption, claims health minister Anne Milton.

Alcohol consumption is falling

Alcohol consumption falls again

By Ewan Turney

Alcohol consumption is falling at its fastest rate for more than 60 years, according to new figures from the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA)....

Alcohol consumption fell

UK alcohol consumption fell 3.2% in 2008

By John Harrington

New figures are being used by the British Beer and Pub Association to urge the Government not to raise alcohol taxes or inflict more redtape on the industry.



Taking issue with prohibitionists Lord Krebs, of the Nuffield Council, has called for a probe into the "effect of extended opening hours on levels of...