Big number: 2m people in the UK have a food allergy

Major improvement in pubs' allergen awareness controls

By Nikkie Sutton

Allergen awareness in pubs has improved since the introduction of the Food Information to Consumers Regulations (FIC) in 2014, according to new research from the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Stronger focus: FSA will work towards better food safety controls

Food safety controls to be ramped up by local authorities

By Nicholas Robinson

Food safeguards and allergen protection for consumers will be moved up a gear by local authorities, and will be core to delivering a better system of control to ensure a higher level of confidence in UK food.

Allergen legislation: more work needed from pubs and restaurants

Allergen legislation: more work needed from pubs and restaurants

By Daniel Woolfson

One in four people with a food allergy have suffered a reaction while eating in a pub, restaurant or café, despite the new Food Information to Consumer (FIC) regulations that came into force in 2014, figures from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) have shown.

New Allergy UK scheme to provide accreditation for UK food operators

Allergen Legislation

Allergies: new scheme to help operators

By Daniel Woolfson

Allergy UK has launched a new accreditation scheme aimed at helping UK operators cater better to customers with food allergies and intolerances.

New equipment and products

New Products

New equipment and products

By Daniel Woolfson

JJ Food Service has doubled its range of frozen fish products.

Rob Willock:

New allergen regulations are not to be sneezed at

By Rob Willock

It’s hard for me — as someone who has never suffered from allergies except for a mild reaction to cats, or intolerances beyond a very rational dislike of some people — to understand what it must be like to have to worry about what you eat and drink.


Tips to help avoid allergen trouble

By Poppleston Allen

The new Allergy Awareness Regulations have come into force - this is very relevant, bearing in mind that one in 50 young infants has a nut allergy and one adult in 100 has a food allergy of some description.

Time is short to comply with new allergen law

Time is short to comply with new allergen law

By Brigid Simmonds

I can often be found reminding people of the huge number of issues that we deal with at the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA). As well as the big issues facing the sector, our industry constantly faces a wide range of new regulatory challenge...

Many publicans are unprepared for the new allergen laws coming into play on 13 December

Allergen law

Top tips for dealing with the new allergen laws

By Elliot Kuruvita

The deadline to comply with the new allergen laws is now less than four months away but few publicans have even begun to plan. Elliot Kuruvita looks at ideas to help licensees stay on the right side of the law

Q&A: New pub food allergy requirements

Q&A: New pub food allergy requirements

By James England

Whether or not you serve food in your pub, the balance between your culinary and administration skills are about to be tested further. New European legislation comes into force at the end of this year, affecting the way that operators make customers aware...