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EU citizens: should I stay or should I go?

8 things pubs need to know to keep EU staff in the UK

By Michelle Perrett

Got staff from the EU? Want them to continue working for your pub after Brexit? Then follow these 8 steps to help your employees obtain new UK immigration status using the recently published Government settlement scheme.

Perfect order: some customers need a little help when asking for a drink

Bar staff insider: beer education

By Bar staff insider

As bar staff we know that beer comes in all kinds of weird and wonderful varieties. Stout, IPA, porter, lager, keg, cask, not forgetting the infamous craft and many more.

Bar staff problems: asking customers for ID can sometimes be tricky

8 problems only bar staff will understand

By Nikkie Sutton

Bar staff can be put through the mill at times, having to deal with rude customers, expected to create miracles and all with a smile on their face.

Wine courses that will make bar staff wizards of wine


Wine courses that will make bar staff wizards of wine

By Liam Coleman

Wine can be a daunting thing for bar staff if you don’t drink the stuff. When a customer asks for a full-bodied red or a fruity white, there is often panic in the eyes of the bar staff. We’ve found three companies that offer introductory wine training...

Bar staff rely on door staff for ID checks

Bar staff rely on door staff for ID checks

By Gurjit Degun

Bar staff are still relying on door staff to make sure that they are not serving underage customers – that’s according to new research from test purchasing company Serve Legal.

Pubwatch: wants tougher sentences for assaults on bar staff

Attacked bar staff urged to speak out

By Tony Halstead

Licensees, bar staff and doorstaff who've been attacked at work have been urged to give feedback to the agency that's reviewing sentencing guidelines.

Court not Caution: Government is listening

Government backs action against pub thugs

By Ewan Turney

Assaults on bar staff can not be tolerated and serious assaults should always result in prosecution. That's the welcome news from the Government in...

Police are targeting cit centre venues

New ploy to catch underage pub service

By John Harrington

Youngsters employed to detect pubs that serve children will use genuine ID owned by someone over 18 — to catch bar staff who don't make proper...

Undercover drunk stings confirmed

Undercover drunk stings confirmed

Undercover police will attempt to catch bar staff serving drunks in Manchester and Carlisle. The MA exclusively revealed that the Home Office was...

Assaults against bar staff on the rise

Assaults against bar staff on the rise

A growing number of bar staff are being verbally threatened and assaulted for refusing to serve underage drinkers, delegates at the British Beer...

Undercover cops in pubs

Undercover cops in pubs

By Tony Halstead

Police are to plant under- cover officers in pubs to catch bar staff who serve drunken customers. Licensees in Blackpool have been warned that staff...