Beer in abundance: Great American Beer Festival (image: ©Brewers Association)


6 hot American craft beer trends

By Lotte Peplow

The US is a hive of craft beer activity, with a market that has significantly more going on than the UK’s. In this special feature, Britain-based beer sommelier, writer and judge Lotte Peplow reports on the latest trends from the Great American Beer Festival...

On the road: pub showcase could encourage more overseas tourists to visit British pubs

Mock pub aims to drive UK tourism and beer exports

By Fred A'Court

A British pub set-up complete with bar, seating areas and even an iconic red telephone box at overseas trade shows could also be used to boost beer exports – with the added bonus of visiting a pub as a ‘must do’ activity during a visit to the UK.

New ties: Camden will work with breweries this year


Camden Town Brewery reveals collaboration plans

By Nicholas Robinson

Camden Town Brewery will collaborate with at least two US brewers in AB InBev’s (ABI) craft beer portfolio this year and is open to working with independent London craft brewers, The Morning Advertiser (MA) can reveal.

Sexism beer pubs

Beer sexism: It’s spelled ale not male

By Jane Peyton

Sexist marketing in the beer and pub industry has to stop. Jane Peyton asks brewers to market beer at people, regardless of gender and pubs to refrain from stocking beers with sexist pump clips