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Pub footy: Kitchin-sink drama goes on

Pub footy: Kitchin-sink drama goes on

By Peter Coulson

It is not surprising that initial reactions in the trade to the latest round of the satellite TV football arguments appear rather confused (the PMA’s front page last week)

Has The Final Whistle Blown for Sky?

Has The Final Whistle Blown for Sky?

By Mark Daniels

I was on my way to a meeting yesterday when the news came over the car stereo that Karen Murphy had been successful in her legal battle with the Premier League over using a foreign satellite to show her customers football matches, and I almost crashed...

3DTV: Sky are conducting research

Sky investigates the effect of 3D TV

By Michelle Perrett

Sky is to investigate the effects of 3D television, following warnings that it can leave viewers feeling dizzy and nauseous, according to a report in...

Foreign satellite football: saga rolls on

Sky Deutschland warns UK pub users

By John Harrington

Sky Deutschland has warned UK lpubs that anyone using its cards to screen Premier League football risks having them turned off without notice.

Sky: website to help pubs

Sky improves online pub finder tool

By Gemma McKenna

Sky is extending its pub finder tool so that fans can track down their closest pub showing Sky Sports — and identify which venues have 3D and HD on...

Holden: defending price rise

Sky pricing: a viable model

By Iain Holden

Sky Business's managing director Iain Holden explains the thinking behind the new "fairer" Sky charging system

Sky: will backdate fee reductions

Sky vows to backdate fee reductions

By John Harrington

Sky has promised to backdate reductions in its fees at pubs that successfully appeal their business rates. The broadcaster will pay back the excess...

BT Vision: cheaper sport at home

BT offers cheap Sky Sports at home

By Ewan Turney

BT Vision has launched a new cheap deal for Sky Sports to home customers — a move which may add more pressure on pubs. BT has slashed the price of...

Sky Italia: stamping out illegal cards

Pubs warned over illegal Sky use

By Lesley Foottit

Sky Italia is working with the Premier League to "stamp out" the use of its cards to show football in UK pubs. In an advert placed with BII Business...

Pubs may not be able to screen 3D TV

No 3D TV for World Cup

By John Harrington

Pubs won't be able to screen the World Cup in 3D after the BBC and ITV both confirmed that they have no plans to screen matches in the format.

More people could get access to cheap Sky Sports and Premier League football

Pubs left out of Sky price cut plans

By Ewan Turney

Pubs have been left out in the cold over the proposed deal to force Sky to slash its prices to other broadcasters. And pubs could be further hit as...

Host claims FAPL targets small pubs

Host claims FAPL targets small pubs

By Iain O'Neil

Portsmouth host warned-off using foreign satellite systems hits out because neighbouring Greene King managed pubs are still using them

BBC's new goal

BBC's new goal

Sky's domination of sport in pubs faces some new competition - from the oldest kid on the block. Tom Sandham reports.Witnessing Garth Crooks barking...