Calorie Labelling

Horrific timing: calorie labelling added extra pressure to the sector (Pictured left to right: Alice Bower, Matt Presinger and Paul Dickinson at MA Leaders event on Thursday 15 September)

Calorie labelling 'horrific timing'

By Rebecca Weller

Calorie labelling had “horrific timing” and added pressure to the sector at a time it was already facing multiple burden’s, according to industry leaders.

Should calorie labelling apply to pubs?

Calorie labelling an unnecessary disaster for pubs

By Ed Bedington

Once again the fun police have been let loose on the hospitality sector, and while the sector is used to handling and weathering well-intentioned, but ill-thought out legislation, the timing of the introduction of calorie labelling on menus couldn’t be...

Calorie control: Businesses with more than 250 employees must display calorie info from today (Getty/andresr)

Calorie labelling rules come into force

By Amelie Maurice-Jones

New calorie regulations, which will bring cost pressures and an increased workload to the sector, come into force today (Wednesday 6 April), fuelling criticism from trade bodies.

Outraged reaction: the pub and brewing trade has said 'now is not the time' for talk of further regulations for venues (image: Getty/ DGLimages)

'Not the time' for mandatory calorie labels on pints

By Emily Hawkins

Reports of proposals to force large pub chains to display calorie labels on pints of beer have been dubbed “outrageous” and described as “costly and complicated” by the trade.

Call for exercise-equivalent calorie labelling

Healthy options

Call for exercise-equivalent calorie labelling

By Oli Gross

The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) has called for 'activity-equivalent' calorie labelling, which would show how much exercise would be required to burn off calories contained in food and drink.

Orchid slams calorie labelling

Orchid slams calorie labelling

By Lesley Foottit

A leading managed pub operator, Orchid Group, has described the pressure for pub-cos to introduce calorie labelling as “the new smoking vendetta”.