Dealing with complaints: Fred A'Court shares the dos and don'ts

Need to know: how to deal with complaints

By Fred A'Court

Complaints are an occupational hazard in the pub trade – no matter how good you are – so what are the best ways to deal with them constructively?

Councils restrict licensing opening hours ruining pubs

Licensing restrictions

'We're ruined'...Are councils too quick to restrict opening hours?

By Oli Gross

Restrictions to a pub’s opening hours can have huge consequences - shutting early to appease neighbours can devastate takings, and restricting garden hours can be off-putting for smokers or customers hoping to sit outside. But do councils strike a fair...

BIS: An Interview with Brigid Simmonds

BIS: An Interview with Brigid Simmonds

By Michelle Perrett

The Government’s response to the controversial Business, Innovation & Skills Committee (BISC) report into the pubco-tenant relationship last week revealed that it would not introduce a statutory code of practice overseen by an adjudicator.

NPower fined £2m for complaints failure

NPower fined £2m for complaints failure

By Gurjit Degun

NPower has been fined £2m by energy regulator Ofgem for failing to handle complaints from small businesses and domestic users properly.

Phil Mellows: Complaints will not damage business if dealt with immediately

Get a grip on gripes

By Phil Mellows

If your staff can deal with complaints as soon as they arise, then you should be able to send your customers away as happy advocates of your business, Phil Mellows reports.

Margot James: will now chair residents meeting

MP's pub noise row blunder

By John Harrington

An MP "regrets" not talking to a licensee before asking residents to report any complaints about disturbances from his pub. Margot James, new Tory...

Rising Sun: at centre of dispute

GMB: BII washing hands of Punch dispute

By Ewan Turney

The GMB union has accused the BII of "washing its hands" of a Peak District tenant's dispute with Punch Taverns. It claims that tenant David...

The Rising Sun: at centre of dispute

GMB calls for BII to end Punch membership

By The PMA Team

The GMB union has called on the British Institute of Innkeepers to strip Punch Taverns of membership over its treatment of Peak District tenant. It...

Court Not Caution

Attack victim gives up justice fight

By John Harrington

A licensee has "given up fighting for justice" after police failed to prosecute a yob who attacked her. Amanda Wilkinson formally complained to...

Energy plans fail hosts

Energy plans fail hosts

By John Harrington

Only 30% of licensees would get protection Fewer than one in three licensees would qualify for energy protection under current plans for a new scheme...

Legal surgery

Legal surgery

Graeme Cushion looks at more of your food legislation questions Q. I own and operate a busy gastropub in a rural village location. The council...