What's in the news 27 May

"We've been here before"

By Ed Bedington

The MA's Ed Bedington catches up with Kuckoo's Rich Powell for his take on the current headlines, from rising costs and brewery sales through to continued confidence and business expansion.

What's in the news 29 April

The MA's Review of the Week

Pubs must remain an affordable treat

By Ed Bedington

The MA's Ed Bedington catches up with Anglian Country Inns md James Nye to get his take on the week's news, from inflationary pressures, the return to the "new normal" and tackling the recruitment crisis.

The Morning Advertiser Lock In Podcast episode 41

Tackling the crippling cost increases

By Ed Bedington

With sky-rocketing costs across all aspects of the trade, the Lock In team take a look at what's driving those, and any steps operators can take to mitigate and make savings.

What's in the news 4 March

The MA's Review of the Week

Experience will be key in face of rising prices

By Ed Bedington

The MA's Ed Bedington catches up with Lancashire-based multiple Tim Tomlinson of the Hand Pulled Pub Company to discuss passing on price rises, growing consumer confidence and the importance of service.

What's in the news 12 November

Rising costs are 'frightening'

By Ed Bedington

The Morning Advertiser's editor Ed Bedington speaks to Brian Whiting of WH Pubs for his views on the week's news, from inflationary pressures and premiumisation through to the debate over dogs in pubs.

Cost of running a pub increases

Cost of running the average pub increases

By Mark Wingett

Like-for-like sales climbed 5.8% across the UK’s pub sector in the year to October 2012, with community locals and food led outlets outperforming the market, according to the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailer’s (ALMR) latest Benchmarking Survey...

ALMR: The average cost of running a pub has stabilised

ALMR: The average cost of running a pub has stabilised

By John Harrington

The average cost of running a pub has stabilised, while like-for-like sales growth in the sector has accelerated although gross margins have declined, according to the latest Benchmarking Survey from the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR).

Clayton: Trade is addicted to turnover figures

‘Control of costs and margins are key’

By Michelle Perrett

Will Clayton, the entrepreneur behind Gresham Inns and Leicester Square wine bar, the Cork & Bottle, claims that many businesses are spending a disproportionate amount of time looking to increase sales, when they are running a business where costs...

Wigham: good advice

Good advice — why people don't use it

By Paul Wigham

I sat this week on the inaugural meeting of the BII Panel of Professional Advisors and it sparked debate on a number of issues, says Paul Wigham.

Loungers: still growing

Loungers ups expansion

By Gemma McKenna

Bristol-based group Loungers is expanding faster than anticipated, and has just signed a deal on its 17th site. The company, which was founded in...

Age checking condition will cost pubs

Alcohol code will cost pubs £859

By Gemma McKenna

The mandatory code will cost £859 per pub in the first year — £613 more than original estimates. The Home Office estimates the total cost across...

Bish: benchmarking survey a useful tool

Pub benchmarking survey open to all

By Ewan Turney

A benchmarking survey of pub operating costs — designed to help in rent calculations — has been opened up to the whole trade for the first time....

Report says new spirits dispense will cost £97

Code to cost pubs up to £246 each

By John Harrington

Current plans to force pubs to abide by a mandatory alcohol retailing code are set to cost far less than originally expected. It would cost each pub...