Licensing objectives cited: Greene King loses bingo application in Court of Appeal

Greene King loses bingo licence appeal

By Georgina Townshend

The Court of Appeal has refused a Greene King application to have bingo in its pubs, after the court ruled in favour of the Gambling Commission.

Beware of the appeals 'lottery'

Legal advice

Beware of the appeals 'lottery'

By Poppleston Allen

We are now into the 11th year since ‘licensing reform’ and the old system is becoming a dot on the horizon; anyone involved in the industry for fewer than 10 years is likely to think a ‘transfer session’ means a football transfer window-inspired drinking...

Expect a flurry of law changes to impact pubs

Legal Advice

Expect a flurry of law changes to impact pubs

By Jonathan Smith & Andy Grimsey

It looks as though the licensing world is about to see some important legal changes - many of which it could be argued are overdue.

Magistrates: harsh words over proposals

Magistrates slate licensing appeal proposals

By John Harrington

Magistrates say plans to force them to send pub licence appeals back to the licensing authorities are "unacceptable". The Magistrates Association...

JDW chairman Tim Martin: continuing action against former property advisors

Wetherspoon sues property company Rican

By Mark Stretton, M&C Report

JD Wetherspoon has issued a writ against a private property company in the latest installment of its pursuit through the courts of property firms.

Music to licensees' ears: refunds could total £10m

PPL refunds made easy

By Gemma McKenna

The BBPA is working on a plan to make it easy for licensees to claim their share of the £10m owed in music licence fees.

Licensees are charged with dishonestly receiving a TV signal

Mass pub foreign satellite case ruling out

By Ewan Turney

A group of 26 licensees from 19 pubs across the country will now each face magistrates over charges of using foreign satellite systems. District...

Doorstaff: ACS means going beyond minimum standards

Licensee will supply doorstaff

By John Harrington

The licensee of a Surrey nightclub has agreed to become a "gold-plated" doorstaff provider within nine months. In what's believed to be a first,...

Murphy: appeal could take up to two years

Two TV football cases put on hold

By John Harrington

Two licensees have had prosecutions for screening Premiership football via North African channel ART put on hold until Murphy appeal.

Well-heeled spark

Well-heeled spark

rise in objections Licensees in some parts of the country are finding it harder to get extended opening hours than some national newspapers claim....