Stylish serves: bartenders will be judged on how Instagrammable the finished drink looks

Bartenders to be marked on ‘Instagram-worthy’ cocktails

By James Beeson

Cognac producer Courvoisier has launched its third annual ‘Toast of Paris’ cocktail competition where, for the first time, UK bartenders will be judged on how their cocktails would look on Instagram posts, alongside more traditional criteria.

Courvoisier: de-mystifying the Cognac cocktail

Courvoisier: demystifying the Cognac cocktail

By Matthew Moggridge

Courvoisier, a leading Cognac from Maxxium UK, is collaborating with three top mixologists in the development of a major consumer cocktail event this summer.

Courvoisier: cocktail heritage

3D TV ad for Courvoisier

By Ewan Turney

Maxxium UK is to launch a 3D advertisement for Courvoisier — it will air between 16-22 November 2009 as part of Channel 4's "3D Week".

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