Credit Card

Banned: no more surcharge payments for customers

Card payment surcharges to be outlawed

By Nicholas Robinson

Pubs and other businesses will be banned from charging customers extra for paying by debit or credit card from January next year.

EPoS can drive footfall, service levels and customer retention


Technology: Why up-to-date EPoS systems can benefit your pub

By Fiona McLelland

It may seem a big ask for pub and bar operators to keep up with the pace of technological improvements and developments when it comes to EPoS systems, but the benefits for staff and customers alike make this imperative. 

Contactless payments up 92% since September

M&C Allegra

Contactless payments up 92% since September

By Oli Gross

Contactless spending has almost doubled in pubs and bars since the contactless limit rose from £20 to £30 in September, according to Barclaycard research.

Contactless payment is convenient for consumers and on the rise in pubs

#DigiPubs special

How contactless payment can help pubs

By Fiona McLelland

It’s here and it’s not going away in a hurry. Yes contactless payment has truly arrived — and pubs need to climb aboard the bandwagon or risk getting trampled in the rush.

Pubs can use several different pay periods for staff

Top tips for pubs on paying your employees

By David Williams

'How often should I pay my employees?' is a question is that most employers ask at some point. The answer lies in the particular circumstances of the business, as pubs have very distinct requirements. David Williams examines the issue.


Beware of employing the 'tipping culture' at your pub

By Mark Daniels

So a survey has discovered that 62% of us Brits are reluctant to tip when visiting pubs or restaurants? (I know, it’s old news from July, but I’m just trying to catch up on stories that I bookmarked before the Olympics/School Summer Holidays began.) Quite...

Punch: under fire over charge

Host slams Punch internet charge

By Michelle Perrett

A licensee has hit out at Punch Taverns for charging £25 for every internet money transfer she makes to pay her rent and other fees.

EPoS: help business analysis

On the button: pub technology

By Ian Boughton

Modern EPoS set-ups are now so advanced they can provide complete pub management systems, saving time and money, reports Ian Boughton.

Contactless payments: easy for customers

Oyster card style payments in pubs

By Ewan Turney

Pub customers will soon be able to pay for a pint with Oyster style credit or debit cards without the fuss of entering a pin number. Compufix, whose...

Credit coercion

Credit coercion

Making business transactions with personal credit cards is illegal. Cookseys managing director David Morgan explains how new regulations affect who...

ePub: Card security

ePub: Card security

Believe it or not, the UK's first Chip & PIN transaction was made way back in May 2003. Now, more than four years later, some 900,000 tills, 98...

Finance: Safety PIN

Finance: Safety PIN

Portable Chip & PIN machines taken to a customer's table do much to enhance the eating experience.Customer service is an increasingly important...