Disabled people are still being let down according to the House of Lords

Trade concern at disability report

By Emily Sutherland

Concerned licensees have hit back against a House of Lords report which argued that pubs breaching the Equality Act by not providing facilities for disabled people should be refused a licence or be shut down.

Staff training, clearer menus and an access statement can all helps pubs become more accessible


How to make sure your pub is welcoming to someone with a disability

By Emily Sutherland

The issue of disabled access in pubs hit the headlines again recently in a damning House of Lords report that found many pubs are still failing to provide up-to-scratch facilities for people with physical and mental disabilities, with even basic services...

JD Wetherspoon: new opening

Wetherspoon to open new Hampshire pub

By Lesley Foottit

JD Wetherspoon is opening a new pub in Hampshire on Friday following a £1.1m re-development. The renovation of the Red Lion site in Petersfield,...

Pubs will have to show what they have done to comply with Disability Discrimination Act

Scots pub disability access law

By John Harrington

Anyone applying for a premises licence in Scotland would have to state what they've done to abide by disability discrimination laws, under new plans....

man in wheelchair entering pub

Pubs striving for better access

By Iain O'Neil

The BBPA says pubs are striving for better disabled access after a report said almost half were not able to cater for customers with disabilities.



A couple in Norfolk are tapping into a new market - guest accommodation for disabled customers at their pub Licensees Anthony and Jeanette Goodrich...

Drinking to

Drinking to

access A year since new regulations on disabled access came into force, and legal action against pubs failing to comply is still thin on the ground....

Shame on you

Shame on you

Michelle Perrett on thwarted access.Licensees have been in uproar saying they are unsure of how to meet the requirements of the Disability...