Ginger Ale

Recipe for success: three ideas for the perfect gin and tonic

In association with Fever-Tree

Three G&T serves you won’t be able to resist

By Nicholas Robinson

The humble gin and tonic; what can go wrong and what more can be done to such a simple drink? The answer to both questions is, actually, quite a lot.

Glass act: Schweppes' 'skittles' bottles were used in mainstream production

In Association with Schweppes

The first carbonated soft drink

By MA reports

Schweppes’ 234 years’ of history is potted with just as many twists and turns as an episode of Dynasty, featuring love affairs, treachery and the determination to succeed.

Soft Drinks Report 2013

Soft Drinks Report

By Nigel Huddleston

This should be a golden age for soft drinks. Consumers are becoming more health-conscious; politicians and medics are constantly telling the public that they have to drink less alcohol; the pub scene is awash with responsible drinking campaigns; many...

The Big Interview: Martin Hartridge

The Big Interview: Martin Hartridge

Seventy years after the Luftwaffe carelessly dropped its bombs on the Hampshire village of Hambledon destroying the Alliance Brewery, beers are once again being brewed under the Alliance name.

Smirnoff: new £4m campaign

Diageo's Smirnoff strategy

By Jessica Harvey

This month, Diageo kicks off a £4m campaign to encourage new ways of serving and drinking Smirnoff vodka. The television, print, digital and...