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Warning: 	Good Beer Guide marks global brewers as threat to brewing. JPG

Global beer giants ‘stifling’ choice

By Nicholas Robinson

Brewing behemoths such as AB InBev have been marked as a threat to beer choice by the Campaign for Real Ale’s (CAMRA) Good Beer Guide.

Misunderstood: Protz insisted good work done by CAMRA's volunteers ought to be recognised

Roger Protz: CAMRA must embrace craft keg beer

By James Beeson

CAMRA Good Beer Guide editor Roger Protz has urged CAMRA to accept and support modern ‘craft keg’ beer, but insists the organisation remains “as relevant as it has ever been”.

Proud: Duncan Garrood has congratulated all the Punch sites featured

Good Beer Guide 2017

Almost 200 Punch pubs in Good Beer Guide

By Nikkie Sutton

Almost 200 Punch pubs have featured in the Campaign for Real Ale’s Good Beer Guide 2017, which features 4,500 pubs nationwide.

Road to prohibition: Protz has criticised the guidelines


Protz: Drinking guidelines 'bad science'

By Nikkie Sutton

Beer writer and editor of the Good Beer Guide Roger Protz has slammed guidance from the Chief Medical Officer that men and women should drink no more than 14 units a week.

More younger people are being attracted to real ale

Young people turn to real ale

By Robyn Black

Young people are more attracted to real ale than any other age group, says new research by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA).

London’s beer renaissance

London’s beer renaissance

Pub quiz question: what do Jack the Ripper and brewing have in common? Answer: Truman’s brewery in the 19th century was producing vast volumes of beer at its plant in Brick Lane, east London, while in the side streets and back alleys of Whitechapel the...

Bottling it: entrepreneur Alex Brodie has won awards and plaudits for his beers at Hawkshead Brewery

Revolution brews in Cumbria

By Roger Protz

If you want to see at first hand the British brewing revolution going full bore, you should spend a few days in Cumbria. I was the guest speaker in November at the Cumbrian branches of the Campaign for Real Ale’s (CAMRA’s) annual dinner, held in a large...

Protz: good news for beer fans

Brewers deserve a bow too

By Roger Protz

The latest Good Beer Guide and the Bass Museum relaunch merit their own fanfare, says Roger Protz.

Protz: good cheer doesn't impress Panorama

Life through a distorting lens

By Roger Protz

The BBC's Panorama programme on Oldham's drinking scene was no better than tabloid television, says Roger Protz.

Protz: Smoking ban was wrong

Repent ye pro-ban pubgoers

By Roger Protz

The launch of the Good Beer Guide has fanned further debate about the smoke ban.

Good Beer Guide: Satnav technology

Satnav link for Camra guide

By MA reporter

Camra is launching a new satellite navigation and SMS service so members can locate each of the 4,500-plus pubs in the Good Beer Guide 2009.

My pub juke box

My pub juke box

Roger Protz, MA columnist and Good Beer Guide editor, chooses his favourite tracks Music has always been an inspiration. My parents, with me in tow,...

Beer saving the planet

Beer saving the planet

Camra has lavished praise on a number of craft brewers who are making a contribution to combating global warming and reducing carbon emissions. In...

Young's axes long-serving PR chief

Young's axes long-serving PR chief

The man who co-founded Camra and created the Good Beer Guide has been axed by Young's after 27 years' service. Michael Hardman, head of public...

Licensee fumes over real ale omission

Licensee fumes over real ale omission

A Peterborough licensee is so angry at being left out of Camra's Good Beer Guide he is offering free food and drink to anyone who bins their copy of...