Salutation Inn's Peter Tiley:


Guv'nor: Pubs really can be good for your health

By Peter Tiley

The trade has taken a bit of a battering recently. The Chief Medical Officer recently cut recommended drinking limits and declared there is “no such thing as a safe level of drinking”, talk continues of a lower drink-drive limit and this year’s Dry January...

Independent pub sales fall 5.5%


Independent pub sales fall 5.5%


Independent pubs saw sales fall 5.5% in 2015, in comparison to a 4.7% increase for branded chains, according to the latest research.

New Drinkaware research shows 82% of people expect to fail 'drinking less' resolution

Drinkaware: 'Drinking less resolution most likely to fail'

By Adam Pescod

New research from alcohol education charity Drinkaware has revealed that despite resolutions to be healthier and drink less in 2012, today (3 February) is the day most people expect to fail to cut back their drinking.

'Real changes': Andrew Lansley praises Reposnibility Deal

Responsibility Deal has 'led to real changes'

By Mark Wingett

The Government has said that its Responsibility Deal, which includes participation from leading operators in the pub and restaurant sectors, has led to real changes that are “helping people to live healthier lives”.

Unit information: one fo the Responsibility Deal commitments

Responsibility deal condemned

By Adam Pescod

The Government’s responsibility deal will fail because it creates a fundamental conflict of interest within the drinks industry, according to public health campaigners and an influential committee of MPs.

Unit information: one of the pledges

Pubs urged to make responsibility pledges

By John Harrington, M&C Report

Pub operators have been asked to make three specific commitments on responsible retailing — including providing alcohol unit information at point...

Balance North East campaigning for minimum price

Backing for bylaw minimum pricing

By John Harrington

The plan to use local bylaws to set a minimum price for alcohol of 50p per unit is gaining momentum among councils. The proposal is spearheaded by...

Drinkaware-funded Fistral Blu Cafe in Cornwall

Trade 'should fund' health plans

By John Harrington

Health secretary Andrew Lansley wants the industry to help fund local initiatives to make people healthier. He has urged more private sector funding...