Energy makes up around 15-20% of a pub's energy costs

Top tips for cutting energy bills in your pub

By Emily Sutherland

Energy costs are a growing concern for pub operators. According to Punch chief executive Duncan Garrood, one of the questions the pubco is most regularly asked is how tenants can cut their energy costs and the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) says...

Fridges and freezers for pubs

Which fridges and freezers for your kitchen?

By Nicholas Robinson

No pub chef could successfully run an efficient kitchen without fully working fridges and freezers. While they may not be the sexiest pieces of equipment, they’re definitely some of the most important. Nicholas Robinson points out some of the best currently...

Top energy saving tips for pubs

Top energy saving tips for pubs

Many pubs and hospitality business could cut their energy bills by as much as 20% just by implementing simple energy efficiency measures, according to the Carbon Trust. These measures include control of air conditioning, installing low-energy lighting...

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Top tips for saving energy in your pub

Conserving energy in your pub could also help cut costs. Angela Needle, head of energy consultancy at British Gas Business, shares her top tips