Improving access to justice: a senior judge said public venues should open up to hold court proceedings

Should court proceedings take place in pubs?

By Emily Hawkins

Courts should sit in pubs and other public venues to make the legal process more accessible, the country’s top family division judge suggested as he left his post.

Sky Sports Scotland copyright cases

Glasgow bar guilty of Sky Sports copyright breach

By Noli Dinkovski

Sky has won a second breach of copyright case in Scotland after a Glasgow bar was found guilty of screening live football matches on two occasions without the correct viewing agreement.

Foreign satellite football saga goes on for pubs

Foreign satellite football saga goes on for pubs

I am sure you will remember the euphoria that surrounded a decision in the European Court of Justice that it was not illegal to use Nova viewing cards. The European Court of Justice advised that, as the supplier and the recipient were both member countries...

Westminster parking charges delayed

Westminster parking charges delayed

By Mark Wingett

Westminster City Council will delay plans to introduce evening and weekend parking charges until after the Olympics, due to a judicial review of the new parking rates.

PPL: had warned licensee before fine

PPL fine for Cornish nightclub

By Graham Ridout

A Cornish nightclub owner is facing a hefty bill after being caught playing copyright music without a proper licence. Matthew Cudlipp, who runs...

JDW: London pub without DPS for a month

Wetherspoon fined for lack of DPS

By Lesley Foottit

JD Wetherspoon has been fined more than £3,000 by magistrates for not having a registered DPS at one of its North London pubs.

Licensees using foreign satellite score 12-7 victory

Satellite TV hosts win court victory

By Gemma McKenna

Licensees using foreign satellite systems to screen football have recorded a 12-7 victory in the courts. But the man leading the prosecutions warned...

Sky crackdown on illegal screening

Pub fined £13k for illegal Sky use

By Lesley Foottit

Licensees of an Oxfordshire pub have been fined more than £13,000 after showing Sky football using a domestic card. Vincent Mark and Gary Smith of...

Doorstaff: ACS means going beyond minimum standards

Licensee will supply doorstaff

By John Harrington

The licensee of a Surrey nightclub has agreed to become a "gold-plated" doorstaff provider within nine months. In what's believed to be a first,...

Coulson: a licensee is not compelled to do business with anyone he doesn't wish to

To ban or not to ban

By Peter Coulson

MA legal editor Peter Coulson considers the case of a Pubwatch ban being taken to the High Court again.