Late-Night Levy

Late-night levy: the consultation will run until 7 May

BBPA responds to Hackney levy consultation

By Liam Coleman

The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) has officially responded to Hackney Council’s consultation on introducing a late-night levy at a time where the House of Lords looks to abolish the order all together. 

Trade anger: Liverpool has agreed to implement a late-night levy policy


Industry slams Liverpool late-night levy decision

By James Evison

The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers and British Beer & Pub Association have described the move by Liverpool City Council to implement a late-night levy as "disappointing" and questioned if the local authority has the powers to...

Consultation on late-night levy in Hackney

Late-night levy

Hackney Council considers late-night levy

By Nikkie Sutton

A consultation into whether to introduce a late-night levy in the borough was approved by London Borough of Hackney’s full council on Wednesday (20 July).

Council set to scrap late-night levy


Council set to scrap late-night levy

By Nikkie Sutton

Cheltenham Borough Council moving towards the introduction of a Business Improvement District (BID) charge instead of the late-night levy in the town.

Green Party calls for all alcohol tax to replace late-night levy

Late-night levy

Call for alcohol taxation to replace late-night levy

By Oli Gross

Green Party councillors have called for an alternative to the late-night levy in which a proportion of all alcohol taxation would go towards improving the night-time economy.

Three cities mulling


Three cities mulling "punitive" late-night levies

By Oli Gross

The drive for late-night levies is gathering pace with three more UK councils mulling over their potential introduction — fuelling fears of financial burdens and uncertainty for operators.

Cheltenham is one of seven councils to have introduced a late-night levy


Trade figures call for review of late-night levy

By Mike Berry

Senior trade figures have called on the new government to review the late-night levy (LNL) following the release of figures revealing that Cheltenham Borough Council has raised less than half the money expected from the fee and that one in five licensed...

Leading licensing barrister Philip Kolvin: 'It is simply baseless to suggest that [the variation] might undermine the licensing objectives'

Newcastle 'could face legal challenge' over JDW hours refusal

By Ellie Bothwell

The decision by Newcastle City Council to refuse JD Wetherspoon’s application to reduce its hours to dodge the city’s late night levy is likely to be overturned if there is a legal challenge, industry lawyers have claimed.

A Dorset Police inspector said he would rather negotiate a voluntary agreement

Weymouth rejects late-night levy and EMRO

By Ellie Bothwell

Weymouth has rejected the idea of consulting on an early morning restriction order or a late-night levy, due to concerns over ‘the terminal hour’ and the financial implications on businesses.

The cabinet agreed to take a pragmatic approach

Plymouth 'postpones' late-night levy

By John Harrington

Plymouth is the latest council to reject plans for a late-night levy, although the authority stressed it’s a “postponement and not a cancellation”.

Islington is the third local council to approve a levy

Islington council approves late-night levy

By John Harrington

Islington Council in London has approved the introduction of a late-night levy (LNL), which could act as a “watershed” for other authorities in the capital to follow.

Only 66 out of 369 responses to the consultation were from premises licence holders

Islington takes a step closer to introducing late-night levy

By Noli Dinkovski

Islington Council appears a step closer to implementing a late-night levy (LNL) at tomorrow night’s (27th February) decisive public meeting, after it emerged that its licensing committee had already approved the proposals.

A late-night levy will be charged on pubs in Newcastle from 1 November

Why a late-night levy is wrong for Newcastle

By Tony Brookes

Tony Brookes, managing director of multiple operator The Head of Steam, takes aim at Newcastle council's decision to introduce a late-night levy on pubs and bars in the city.

Late-night levy: Milton Keynes has rejected implementing a late-night levy

Milton Keynes rejects late-night levy

By Gurjit Degun

Pubs, clubs and bars in Milton Keynes may not be subject to paying a late-night levy, after the licensing sub-committee recommended that such a fee should not be adopted.

A late-night levy will be introduced in Newcastle on 1 November 2013

Trade condemns Newcastle's late-night levy approval

By Ellie Bothwell

Newcastle City Council’s decision to introduce a late-night levy has provoked fears that it will give other councils the green light and force small operators out of business.