Leasehold Estate

The pubs code was arguably meant to provide an easy way out of tied deals with the big pubcos, but it could cost more than you think.

MRO: can you afford it?

By Stuart Stone

The hoops pub tied tenants need to jump through to access MRO are also steeped in costs. While going free-of-tie can be ultimately rewarding, the question to consider is whether you are prepared for the cost?

New addition: Laine CEO Gavin George has welcomed Distinct Group's staff

Laine Pub Co acquires Distinct Group

By Nikkie Sutton

Regional brewer and operator Laine Pub Company has acquired the four-strong leasehold pub estate of the Distinct Group.

Lease renewal: procedures should not be embarked on without the benefit of professional advice

Property advice: Give lease a chance

By Michelle Perrett

Lease renewals are a vital part of a publican’s business development, but procedures under the Landlord and Tenant Act are fraught with potential problems and shouldn’t be embarked on without the benefit of professional advice.

Confusing elements: controversy has stalked the pubs code at every stage

Spotlight: When is MRO not MRO?

By Michelle Perrett

Controversy has stalked the pubs code at every stage. But one of the most confusing elements is licensees’ access to the market-rent-only (MRO) option. Here, we look at how this part of the legislation is progressing, or not, in some cases.

Key factors: It is crucial to get it right first time when deciding on tenancy or lease

Which is best, a tenancy or a lease?

By Michelle Perrett

Your knowledge of the pub business and how much money you have to spend are key factors in deciding whether you come into the trade on a tenancy, lease or a freehold. It is crucial to get it right first time

Licensees' 'unrealistic assumptions' of property prices

Licensees' 'unrealistic assumptions' of property prices

By Michelle Perrett

Property valuers believe licensees think their pubs are worth more than they actually are, the market is less buoyant than a year ago and almost all say leasehold prices will not increase in the coming 12 months.

Concerned: pubs code adjudicator Paul Newby vows to investigate MRO issues further

PCA to confront pub owning businesses over MRO blocking

By Claire Churchard

Pub-owning businesses (POBs) are blocking tied tenants’ access to the market rent only option (MRO) and going against the spirit of the pubs code, according to a report commissioned by the pubs code adjudicator’s office.

Uncertain future: licensees set up crowdfunding page to save pub (Image: Google Maps)

Crowdfunding page set up to save Cornish pub

By Georgina Townshend

A local has set up a crowdfunding page on behalf of licencees to raise enough money to buy their pub to save it from being closed and prevent their family “from being turned out”.

Projected turnover: forecasts for newly leased pubs have risen by 14%

Newly leased pubs' turnover forecast up 14%

By Georgina Townshend

Turnover forecasts for newly leased pubs have risen by 14% for the next two years due to “improved business confidence”, according to the latest data from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Busy: Newby has received 121 arbitration requests in six months

Request for pubs code arbitration on the rise

By Liam Coleman

Figures released by pubs code adjudicator (PCA) Paul Newby show that there have been, on average, more than 20 requests for him to step in and adjudicate every month since the pubs code became law six months ago.