Personal licence pubs Government

Industry unites against personal licence abolition plan

By Ellie Bothwell

Industry groups, including the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA), British Institute of Innkeeping (BII) and Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR), have lobbied the Government to retain personal licences in a joint letter to crime prevention...

EMRO Harrow Council

Harrow Council cancels EMRO

By Ellie Bothwell

Harrow Council cancelled its early morning restriction order (EMRO) hearing, due on 10 October, thereby terminating the EMRO process.

licensed premises checks

Top tips on conducting your own licence inspection

By Poppleston Allen

Licensees should continually review, update and make use of their venue policies. However, it is surprising how many operators fail to conduct basic in-house licensing inspections. Such regular checks could help you avoid the costly effects of a review...

Lambeth council licensed premises

Lambeth council wants 'zoned' opening hours

By John Harrington

Lambeth Council in London wants to introduce a zoning system for opening hours and recommends stringent new regulations around licensee and staff training for licensed premises in the borough.

City of London late-night levy

Industry criticises City of London's late-night levy proposal

By Ellie Bothwell

Industry figures have spoken out against the City of London Corporation’s proposal for a late night levy, demanding further research must be undertaken and warning that a fee may undermine existing licensing policy.

A late-night levy will be charged on pubs in Newcastle from 1 November

Why a late-night levy is wrong for Newcastle

By Tony Brookes

Tony Brookes, managing director of multiple operator The Head of Steam, takes aim at Newcastle council's decision to introduce a late-night levy on pubs and bars in the city.

Pub music tips

Top tips on running a music event

By Poppleston Allen

We all know that a noisy pub disco or karaoke is a sure-fire way of ending up before the licensing committee following a review by residents or the environmental health officer. Here are a few pointers to bear in mind if you are hosting a music event.

EMRO Blackpool Council

Blackpool Council leader says EMRO would only affect two nightclubs

By Ellie Bothwell

The leader of Blackpool Council has said the introduction of an early morning restriction order (EMRO) would only “lead to two nightclubs closing a couple of hours earlier” in the town, despite an influx of responses from the pub industry condemning the...

Pubs stocktaking advice

How using a stocktaker can help your pub


You wouldn’t dream of buying a new car and not having it serviced by a competent mechanic, so why take such chances with your business? A stocktaker can provide advice on a regular basis at a reasonable cost. The Institute of Licensed Trade Stock Auditors...

Late-night levy Newcastle

Trade condemns Newcastle's late-night levy approval

By Ellie Bothwell

Newcastle City Council’s decision to introduce a late-night levy has provoked fears that it will give other councils the green light and force small operators out of business.

Pubs beer gardens top tips

Legal checklist: Using pubs' outdoor areas

By Poppleston Allen

Warm weather is generally greeted with open arms by pub operators, especially those fortunate enough to have a pleasant and usable external space. This presents a clear opportunity for licensees to really make the most of them. Here are some pointers...

PPL licence pub fees

PPL pub and club income rises

By John Harrington

PPL, the music licensing body, saw its income from public performances licences at pubs, clubs and other venues rise again in 2012 after a “significant increase” in licence holders.

Premises licence reviews checklist

Legal checklist: Compiling a licensing file

By Poppleston Allen

One way to limit the severity of any action taken against a licensed premises is for an operator to put together a ‘licensing file’, which can be presented to the authorities, licensing committee, or - if necessary - to the courts. Our checklist identifies...

Police version of events can be much more believable to a licensing committee

Premises licence reviews can be a bumpy ride

By Lisa Sharkey

Facing a review of your premises licence can be like stepping on to a roller coaster at a theme park — you have that feeling in your stomach that the experience you are about to face may be unpleasant but, as you slowly move up that first hill, you realise...

The Hartlepool EMRO would have restricted the sale of alcohol to 2am, directly affecting 13 operators

The inside track on Hartlepool council's EMRO rejection

By Poppleston Allen

I write this piece having just attended the hearing for an early morning restriction order (EMRO) at Hartlepool Borough Council. This hearing really was important — it was the first EMRO proposal that has undergone a formal consultation process.

The location and type of fire safety equipment must be clearly shown on your premises plan

Legal checklist: Licensed premises plan

By Poppleston Allen

When was the last time you looked at the plan of your premises attached to your licence? Remember that the plan forms part of that licence, and certain prescribed elements always have to be shown on that plan. If you change the location of those prescribed...

Over-zealous enforcement by police can lead to serious problems for operators

A nightmare tale of over-zealous enforcement

By Poppleston Allen

I thought it would be useful to tell you about what can happen when there is a serious incident at a licensed premises and how difficult it can be to re-establish the former trading position. You may not be able to rely on the much-vaunted ‘partnership...

The Big Interview: David Hawksworth, FLVA

The Big Interview: David Hawksworth, FLVA

By Gurjit Degun

David Hawksworth was recently crowned the new president of the Federation of Licensed Victuallers Associations (FLVA). He talks to Gurjit Degun about getting a fair deal for licensee.

EMRO: even monkeys reject outright...

EMRO: even monkeys reject outright...

By Rob Willock

The early-morning restriction order (EMRO) is one of those nasty, Draconian pieces of licensing legislation that we ignore at our peril.