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Islington reviews plans for late-night levy

Islington reviews plans for late-night levy

By Adam Pescod

Islington Council is reviewing proposals for a late-night levy after it emerged that not all of the money raised for policing will end up in the borough.

Westminster: most profitable night-time trade

Westminster pubs most profitable in the UK

By Lesley Foottit

Westminster has the most profitable on-trade of all UK towns and cities at £2bn a year, according to new research. Night-time economy specialists...

Closed: Shapps says Labour to blame

'Labour should apologise for pub closures'

By Ewan Turney

A Government minister has called for Labour to apologise for the net closure of 3,500 pubs in England during its reign. Local Government minister...

Closed: pubs have disappeared under Labour, claim Tories

Tories: 3,530 pubs closed under Labour

By John Harrington

A total of 3,530 English pubs have closed since Labour came to power in 1997, according to official figures obtained by the Conservatives. The data...

Code could allow councils to limit promotions

Westminster council slams mandatory code

By John Harrington

Government plans to restrict how licensees sell alcohol are unnecessary and could be unworkable, according to a senior Westminster Council official....

Coulson: not a fan of cumulative impact

Cumulative impact puzzle

By Peter Coulson

MA legal editor Peter Coulson considers the impact of cumulative impact zones.