Meantime Brewing Company

Meantime opens 'smallest pub'


Meantime opens 'smallest pub'

By James Evison

A pub smaller than snooker table with room for just two people has been unveiled by Asahi Europe brand Meantime Brewery.

Meantime's first beers from the small-batch brewery


Meantime launches first new small-batch beers series

By Nicholas Robinson

SABMiller-owned Meantime Brewing Company is set to reveal the first small-batch beers from its new pilot brewery and will develop its future ranges based on how quickly the new brews sell out.

Miller will step down at the end of this month

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Miller to step down as Meantime CEO

By Nicholas Robinson

SABMiller has appointed Laura Edwards from Miller Brands as general manager for Meantime Brewing Company, who will continue to run the firm as a stand-alone business, following outgoing CEO Nick Miller's move to step down later this month.

The Old Brewery: displaying Michael Jackson's glass collection

Michael Jackson display in Greenwich

By Jo Bruce

The beer bottle and glass collections of the late Michael Jackson are on display at Meantime Brewing Company's new bar. The display of bottles from...

The Old Brewery: Meantime's beer-focused restaurant

New beer-focused restaurant for Meantime

By Jo Bruce

Meantime Brewing Company has opened a new restaurant, bar and brewery in Greenwich, London. The Old Brewery has opened in the grounds of the Royal...

Meantime: microbrewery to open in March

Date set for Meantime brewery opening

By Gemma McKenna

Meantime Brewing Company is set to open its new restaurant, cafe-bar and microbrewery in Greenwich on 23 March after a two-year building project.  ...