Very vegan: new research unveils the Veganuary boom with 16% of positive reviews mentioning the word ‘delicious’

Reviews quoting ‘vegan’ rise 104% in a year

By Alice Leader

New insight has revealed the public’s keenness to participate in Veganuary as the percentage of reviews citing the word ‘vegan’ rose by 104% between January 2019 and January 2020.

Planted-based patty: pubs are exploring a variety of avenues to satisfy vegan trends

The vegan wave: how has it affected the pub trade?

By Alice Leader

The Economist predicted 2019 would be the year veganism went mainstream. And, with ever-growing, free-from options and a new wave of vegan hospitality, it looks like the forecasters are correct.

Fungal fact: in excess of 350 types of mushroom are consumed by humans

Did you know this about mushrooms?

By Nicholas Robinson

Did you know edible mushrooms are worth £32bn globally and that 2,000 new species of fungi are discovered each year? As well as being valuable to the economy, fungi are vital to almost all parts of modern day life.

Restaurants are driving up consumer standards according to leisure analysts


Restaurants stealing business from pubs

By Emily Sutherland

Pubs must up their game to compete with branded restaurants according to leisure analysts Panmure Gordon, whose latest report revealed restaurants are taking business from pubs.

Pubs take lead in price rises


Pubs take lead in price rises

By MC Allegra FS

The latest menu pricing analysis conducted by M&C Allegra Foodservice has shown greater price rises in the pub sector than in restaurants or fast-food outlets.

Trend watch: could secret menus crack the UK?

Trend watch

Trend watch: could secret menus crack the UK?

By Daniel Woolfson

It may sound ridiculous, but creating outrageous dishes that you don’t actually tell anyone about could help create brand loyalty and drive profits.


Pub chef opinion: Change is not a dirty word

By Madalene Bonvini-Hamel

It’s hard for any a passionate chef to accept that they have to change. For Ross [Pike] and I, both chefs, it was a difficult time when we realised our pub’s business plan needed a boost. It dented our pride and, most of all, we were anxious about it...

Griffiths and Aylur celebrate

Chef named 'Beer Drinker of the Year'

By Michelle Perrett

Michelin starred chef Sriram Aylur of Quilon restaurant in London's Victoria was this week made "Beer Drinker of the Year" by the All-Party...

Nosey Parker in Lincoln to become Flaming Grill

Punch to open 17th Flaming Grill

By Gurjit Degun

Punch Taverns is spending nearly £250,000 turning the Nosey Parker in Lincoln into a Flaming Grill — the concept that focuses on grilled/barbecue...

Purity: beer and food matching

Purity brews up menus for restaurateurs

By Graham Ridout

Purity, the Warwickshire-based brewery, is collaborating with local restaurateurs to produce beer menus that match the food offerings. So far, the...