Minimum Price

Industry fears over minimum pricing

Industry fears over minimum pricing

By Michelle Perrett

Industry leaders fear that Government intervention over minimum pricing could lead to a hike in duty rates and the closure of many pubs and brewers. 

Minimum Pricing Could Go Horribly Wrong For Pubs

Minimum Pricing Could Go Horribly Wrong For Pubs

By Mark Daniels

So that was Christmas. Another year over, a new one just begun. And all that jazz. What with the collapse of capitalism and the Mayan prophecy of doom, 2012 is stacking up to be a good year.

Supermarkets: cheap booze sold

Alcohol minimum price plan backed

By Tony Halstead

Health chiefs in Greater Manchester are to press ahead with plans for a 50p minimum unit price for alcohol. The region's Public Health Network (PHN)...

Supermarkets: alcohol sold cheaply

Northern Ireland pushes for minimum price

By Ewan Turney

Ministers in Northern Ireland are pushing for the introduction of a minimum price on alcohol of between 40p and 70p a unit. Social Development...

Supermarkets: could absorb tax increases

'Tax too blunt to deal with binge drinkers'

By Ewan Turney

Minimum price advocate Greene King has stressed that using tax to increase supermarket prices is a "blunt instrument" and inherently "risky". The...

Alcohol Concern backs 50p minimum price

Alcohol Concern: give Wales licensing powers

By Lesley Foottit

Alcohol Concern has called for powers over licensing and pricing to be devolved to the National Assembly for Wales following a "lack of progress"...

Supermarkets: will cash in on a minimum price

Off-trade set for minimum price windfall

By Ewan Turney

Supermarkets, such as Tesco and Asda, would net an extra £700m if a minimum price of 45p a unit was introduced across the UK. That's according to...

Supermarket booze: is 45p the magic figure?

Scots want minimum price of 45p/unit

By John Harrington

The Scottish Government has proposed setting a minimum price of 45p per unit, claiming it will mean 50 fewer deaths in the first year.

Scotland: minimum price could be on the way

Scots could trial minimum price

By Ewan Turney

A controversial minimum price on alcohol scheme could be run in Scotland on a trial basis, the health secretary said.

Anand: calling for action

Anand calls for pan-industry alcohol code

By Ewan Turney

Greene King boss Rooney Anand has called for a pan-industry code with Government backing to set a minimum price per unit of alcohol and introduce...

Anand: calling for a crackdown on alcohol

Anand: crackdown on wild drinking

By Rooney Anand

Chief executive of Greene King Rooney Anand explains why the UK needs a minimum price and restrictions on the sale of alcohol.

Fuller's: duty rises have hurt industry

Fuller's backs minimum price on alcohol

By Ewan Turney

London brewer and pub operator Fuller's has voiced its support for a minimum price on alcohol. Fuller's called on the Government to intervene to set...

Minimum pricing: SNP claims that support is growing

SNP: minimum price support growing

By John Harrington

The pub and drinks industry is increasingly being won over by the idea of having a minimum price of alcohol. That's according to the Scottish...

John Ellis: time for action on supermarkets

Stop the binge drinking subsidy

By John Ellis

John Ellis of the freehold Crown Inn, in Oakengates, Telford states the case for action against cheap supermarket booze.

Thomas: town centre venues should be about entertainment not cheap booze

Luminar boss: move away from cheap booze

By Ewan Turney

Luminar boss Steve Thomas, the man who once ran notorious all-you can drink deals, is now leading the calls for a minimum price to be introduced on...

Minimum pricing: would 50p a unit work?

'Minimum price of 50p would have no effect'

By Ewan Turney

A proposed minimum price of 50p per unit would have no effect on alcohol consumption for the majority of UK consumers, according to new research....