National Association Of Cider Makers

'Unfair taxation system': Hawkes chief cider maker Roberto Basilico (left) and founder Simon Wright

UK cider taxation system ‘harming industry growth’

By James Beeson

London-based cider maker Hawkes has attacked the current UK cider taxation system, and accused the National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) of failing to represent the interests of smaller producers.

White cider duty: traditional cider producers fear the tax hike could inadvertently penalise them

White cider tax slammed by industry experts

By James Beeson

Traditional cider makers, industry figures and pubs have hit out at plans to increase the duty paid on super-strength cider announced in the Autumn Budget this week.

Tradition is key to keeping cider alive

Tradition is key to keeping cider alive

By Nikkie Sutton

Cider makers must work harder to uphold the tradition and values of the drink if the segment is to have a strong future, according to National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) chair and Westons Cider managing director Helen Thomas.

More than apples and cheese: cider is as sophisticated as a fine wine

Food matching

The guide to cider and food pairing

By Jane Peyton

Cider is too often overlooked in favour of other drinks when it comes to pairing dishes with food. But these brews have just as much a right to be drink alongside good eats. Jane Peyton reports

Premium boost: Heineken's Blind Pig cider aims to grow the premium segment

Premium cider

Does cider need saving?

By Nicholas Robinson

In a market that appears to be constantly striving towards better quality, it’s a wonder why sales of premium cider have dipped. But looking for ways to boost the segment is something cider makers can do very well

NACM cider makers predict export boom

British cider producers predict export boom

By Ruth Williams

British cider producers have predicted a rise in exports of an extra 704m pints a year by 2018 led by the growth in popularity of cider in recent years.

Brothers Cider brings back lemon

Should Brothers revive its Lemon cider?

By Robyn Black

Brothers Cider is canvassing votes in what it is calling “the world’s most creative petition” to see if it should bring back its lemon flavoured cider.

Cider Trends Summit Heineken

Heineken UK backs PMA cider summit

By Mike Berry

Heineken UK has given its support to the Publican’s Morning Advertiser’s Cider Trends Summit and signed up to become headline partner.

Apples and pairs

Apples and pairs

Lucy Britner continues PubChef's focus on food and drink-matching Cider is back in vogue. Premium cider tipples are not only popping up in pubs up...

Cider's First Lady

Cider's First Lady

Helen Thomas, managing director of Westons Cider has just become chairwoman of the National Association of Cider Makers. Jo de Mille talks to her...

Cider with Gordon

Cider with Gordon

Despite the ongoing decline in cider sales and falling producers' margins, apple growers are reaping the benefit of the 2% duty reduction on cider...