Neil Morrissey

Doing the double: Staffordshire to get second Neil Morrissey pub

Neil Morrissey to open second pub

By MCA and MA staff

Actor Neil Morrissey has secured a second site for his fledgling pub company, MA's sister title MCA understands.

Neil Morrissey pub the Plume of Feathers

My Pub

My Pub: the Plume of Feathers

By Ed Bedington

Richard Slingsby joined forces with Bob the Builder and Men Behaving Badly actor Neil Morrissey to launch the With Neil Morrissey Pub Company. Here, Slingby explains why their first venue, the Plume of Feathers, presses all the right buttons as a community...

Actor Neil Morrissey to re-open pub

Actor Neil Morrissey to re-open pub

By Ruth Williams

Actor Neil Morrissey is set to re-open a Stoke-On-Trent pub, 15 years after he last graced the small screen as beer-swilling Tony on Men Behaving Badly.

As seen on TV

As seen on TV

Two wacky lads set up their own pub and microbrewery - with hilarious consequences.It is entirely possible that a proposal for a new pub-based sitcom...



TV pub gets local boost Actor Neil Morrissey and celebrity chef-writer Richard Fox should have little cause to worry that their new TV reality pub...