Night Time Economy

Letters written: businesses have called for support amid rocketing energy costs (image: Getty/Dougal Waters)

Thousands of night-time firms call for support

By Nikkie Thatcher

More than 6,000 letters have been sent to MPs from night-time economy and hospitality businesses, demanding emergency support as the sector battles the energy crisis.

Energy crisis: current climate could bring more businesses to the point of failure than the pandemic the NTIA has stated (Credit: Getty/Maki Nakamura)

Night-time economy at risk of 'collapsing'

By Rebecca Weller

The UK’s night-time economy is at risk of collapsing in the coming months amid soaring energy costs, the Night-Time Industries Association (NTIA) has stated.

Key part: nightclubs important role in a town's identity and heritage (Credit: Getty/Maki Nakamura)

Reopening nightclubs 'key' to regenerating high street

By Rebecca Weller

UK’s late-night economy harbours “an abundance of resilience and entrepreneurial spirit”, having a huge part to play in the regeneration of high streets and towns nationwide, according to the Night-Time Industries Association (NTIA).

12 days of misery: NTIA calls on the Government for financial support for hospitality through the Omicron wave (Credit: Getty/ D-Keine)

Government has left hospitality facing '12 days of misery'

By Rebecca Weller

The Night-Time Industries Association (NTIA) has called on the Government to urgently provide hospitality businesses with financial support through the Omicron wave of the pandemic as it estimated footfall had fallen by 30% since last Thursday, and the...

Why is Plan B bad for pubs?

Sector once again scapegoated

By Ed Bedington

So with the whiff of scandal in the air the Government lurches into distraction - sorry I mean action - to announce the launch of Plan B.

Covid impact: ‘As the effects of pandemic restrictions have seen all venues hit pause on operating as usual, these are felt in a unique way for LGBTQ+ venues and communities’ (Image: Getty/nrqemi)

Opinion – Pride 2021

‘Nights out should be about fun and freedom, not fear’

By Aliyah Rawat, associate trainer, Good Night Out Campaign

As a London-based trainer for Good Night Out Campaign (GNO), an event producer and DJ, I have seen first-hand the precarious position Covid-19 restrictions has placed the industry in.

Vaccine passports: it has been reported that individuals will not need to declare their 'Covid status' before large events (image: Getty/Lubo Ivanko)

Vaccine passport plans 'killed off'

By Emily Hawkins

Government plans to legally enforce ‘vaccine passports’ for large events have reportedly been dropped to the delight of night life bosses.

Hit hard: the late-night sector has been shut since March, with no news on a reopening date

Deltic Group 'put up for sale'

By Nikkie Thatcher

Late-night operator Deltic Group has launched a merger and acquisition process in a bid to help its future, The Morning Advertiser understands.

Tuned in: United We Stream has raised more than £250,000. Pictured Andy Burnham (left) and Sacha Lord


Apply for United We Stream’s £260,000 Covid-19 relief fund

By Stuart Stone

Pubs, bars and music venues in Greater Manchester can now apply for additional Covid-19 funding after the region’s live gig platform, United We Stream, raised more than a quarter of a million pounds in its first month.

Leisure and sport industry can create 100,000 jobs

Leisure and sport industry can create 100,000 jobs

By Michelle Perrett

The sport and leisure industry can create a further 100,000 jobs by 2014 with Government support, claims the Business In Sport & Leisure chief executive Dominic Harrison.