Oldham Council

Challenge 25: do we need it in pubs?

Oldham wants Challenge 25 for pubs

By John Harrington

Oldham Council is "encouraging" pubs, clubs and shops to operate the Challenge 25 age-check policy. Operators are being asked to display notices...

Supermarkets: pile it high, sell it cheap

Oldham gets tough on supermarket booze

By Tony Halstead

Supermarkets which sell alcohol for less than 50p per unit face licence reviews and a range of trading restrictions in plans being drawn up by Oldham council.

Post Office queues are under consideration in Oldham

Oldham councillor set for RDR

By John Harrington

The man behind Oldham Council's controversial licensing policy will join big hitters from the industry and police by speaking at the 2009 Responsible...

Desperate measures: Panorama's Richard Bilton demonstrates a mock-up of a post-office style queue

Councils urged to ignore BBC claims

By Tony Halstead

A trade boss has written to 100 councils in northern England urging them not to be misled by the BBC that a minimum price operates in Oldham.

No-one seemed in favour of Post Office style queues

Back door minimum pricing in Oldham

By Ewan Turney

Oldham council is trying to introduce minimum pricing through the back door by threatening licensees with draconian conditions if they don't agree to...

Oldham Council: Clamping down on drinks promotions

Trade eyes legal fight with Oldham

By John Harrington

Trade leaders are considering a judicial review against Oldham Council for its controversial bid to review licences at all 22 town centre bars. In an...