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The RSPH wants the smoking ban extended

Smoking Ban

Call for smoking ban to cover pub gardens

By Oli Gross

The smoking ban should apply to pub gardens and other public spaces, a report by the Royal Society of Public Health has suggested.

Excessive noise within a smoking area could result in a licence review

Top tips on pub smoking shelters

By Poppleston Allen

The smoking ban had a dramatic effect on the pub trade as operators up and down the country were tasked with ensuring that customers could still enjoy a cigarette as well as a pint. Many premises provide designated smoking areas or smoking shelters but...

Nuttall with David Cameron: wants freedom of choice on smoking ban

MP's bid to relax smoking ban fails

By John Harrington

An MP's bid to change the law to let pubs offer separate smoking areas has failed at the first stage. MPs today voted against the Ten Minute Rule...

Brian Binley: there should be exemptions to smoking ban

Tory MP to lobby for smoking ban exemptions

By Lesley Foottit

Conservative MP Brian Binley plans to lobby the Government to reconsider the "draconian" smoking ban across UK pubs. The newly re-elected All Party...

UKIP: pro-pub stance

UKIP sets out pro-pub manifesto

By Ewan Turney

A promise to investigate the beer tie, cut duty on beer and allow licensees to decide on their own smoking policy ­— that's all in UKIP's pub manifesto.

Early days?

Early days?

By Hamish Champ

News - OK, hearsay - reaches me that a couple of regional brewers of not insignificant size have experienced a near 20 per cent sales slump across...



The smoking ban starts to bite Is there any hope left for this country? Sunday saw the first day of the smoking ban in pubs. It was the first day of...

Spirit logo

Spirit prepares pubs for smoking ban

By John Harrington

Spirit Group is holding a two-day event of action to ensure its pubs are ready for the smoking ban. Hundreds of employees of Spirit, and head office...

Non-smokers want to ban outdoor smoking

Non-smokers want to ban outdoor smoking

By Iain O'Neil

A new survey claims that two-thirds of non-smokers want to ban smoking outdoors as well as in public buildings. With less than two weeks before the...



Peter Eveleigh The licensee of the Riverside Inn in Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, considers the smoking ban I always thought the traditional silly...

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Trade calls for clarity on ban

By John Harrington

Trade groups are demanding clearer guidelines on smoking shelters, Government regulation of councils and fairer fines when smoking is banned. They...



Unite to reverse smoking ban I write regarding Dave Daly's comments on the smoking ban (The Guv'nor, Morning Advertiser, 7 September). At last,...

Mitchells & Butlers logo

M&B leads way with 220 smoke-free pubs

By John Harrington

A total of around 220 Mitchells & Butlers food-focused pubs are now non-smoking, the Morning Advertiser has learnt. The move means M&B is now...

Robert Feal-Martinez

Robert Feal-Martinez

The Wiltshire licensee is an outspoken critic of the pub smoking ban. He believes that the legislation fails to take account of public opinion, making it undemocratic