What's in the news 17 December

The MA's Review of the Week

'The least Mad Friday we've had for years...'

By Ed Bedington

With Christmas looming, The Morning Advertiser editor Ed Bedington caught up with Revolution Bars CEO Rob Pitcher to get his take on the headlines of the week, from the lack of support from Rishi, through to the "over-reaction" in Wales which...

SBPA Challenge 25

SBPA re-launches Challenge 25 campaign

By Ellie Bothwell

The Scottish Beer and Pub Association (SBPA) has re-launched its Challenge 25 campaign ahead of the Scottish Government expanding the range of valid forms of identification.

Get up to speed with false ID at your pub

Get up to speed with false ID at your pub

By Jonathan Smith

I couldn’t help but smile when I read the recent reports of false ID being used in a pub in Newquay, Cornwall. Doorstaff apparently became suspicious when a youngster tried to enter the pub using Rodney Trotter’s driving licence — he of Only Fools and...

Pub standards slip on underage sales

Pub standards slip on underage sales

By Michelle Perrett

Publicans have taken their eye off the ball over underage sales as the sector reported the worst test-purchasing pass rates in two years during 2011.

Licensed premises must have an age verification process in place

Mandatory code: second-half live

By Ewan Turney

The second part of the controversial Mandatory Code on alcohol retailing comes into force today — even though it may be scrapped within months....

PASS: check for the hologram

James Brokenshire backs PASS ID cards

By John Harrington

Home Office minister James Brokenshire has urged operators to accept PASS (Proof of Age Standards Scheme) cards as ID for alcohol sales.

National ID cards may not be the answer, says Serve Legal research

1 in 7 teens would pay for ID

By John Harrington

Just one in seven 18 and 19-year-olds would be prepared to pay for a national ID card, which has been billed as useful ID for buying alcohol. That's...

National ID Cards: controversial

Government 'misled' over national ID cards

By John Harrington

Campaigners have accused the Government and officials of misleading businesses over the effectiveness of new national ID cards for avoiding underage...

Coulson: some operators are nervous about PASS but there is no need

Accepting a passport to drink

By Peter Coulson

Peter Coulson is sorry to note that the PASS scheme is being rejected in some places because of the possibility of fake cards.

Newquay pubs have agreed to only accept driving licences or passports

Humphreys: Newquay ID scheme misguided

By John Harrington

An agreement between a council-backed trade group and authorities in Newquay not to accept PASS-accredited ID cards is "misguided".

PASS: should be accepted more readily

SIA criticised over support of ID cards

By Tony Halstead

The Security Industry Association (SIA) has been rapped for a half-hearted acceptance of the licensed trade's Proof Of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) identity card.

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False ID 'escalating' among under-18s

By Graham Ridout

A leading bar operator has warned that the use of false ID cards is escalating.Ultimate Leisure executive chairman Mark Jones said: "It has increased...

On the cards

On the cards

Licensees cannot wait for the government's ID cards to provide them with a proof-of-age defence. But there are other options, Daniel Pearce...