False ID 'escalating' among under-18s

By Graham Ridout

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A leading bar operator has warned that the use of false ID cards is escalating.Ultimate Leisure executive chairman Mark Jones said: "It has increased...

A leading bar operator has warned that the use of false ID cards is escalating.Ultimate Leisure executive chairman Mark Jones said: "It has increased dramatically since the new Licensing Act came in. We are having to ID virtually

everyone before we allow them into our premises."

European Driving Licence​Jones added the most common ploy was to produce a "European driving licence" that people have bought over the internet.

There is no such thing as a European driving licence​Ultimate Leisure executive chairman Mark Jones.

He warned: "There is no such thing as a European driving licence, but these cards could certainly take in the naive.

"We are also seeing people try to get in using forged NUS (National Union of Students) cards and PASS (Proof of Age Standard Scheme) cards that don't have the hologram.

"People are coming up with some very sophisticated ways of trying to forge these ID cards."

Chief executive of the Federation of Licensed Victuallers Associations Tony Payne described false ID as

"a big problem".

He explained: "The only way licensees and staff can be sure they are not serving someone who is underage is to only accept a passport, UK photographic driving licence or PASS card."

Payne said staff should always inspect the date of birth on the documents to fully verify the person was aged 18 or over.

He urged licensees to record every sale that was refused.

Jones added: "It's a pity there is no legislation that allows the police and authorities to take action against those people with false IDs who are trying to procure alcohol illegally.

"It's unfair that the licensed trade is taking all the pain."

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Your CommentsDave​ via email 03/08/2006"False ID has been around for as long as i remember, first of all there was photocopying your birth certificate, then came the home pc wheer you could make your own membership cards/ ID cards, laminate with an iron and hey presto. Recently there have been companies that specialise in fake id's.

my point is that fake ID's have been aroudn for as long as i can remember but have got more refined as technology has developed.

The success of the ID card depends entirely on the quality of person you show it to."

Tam Thompson​ via email 03/08/2006"There is a very simple solution for defending against fake IDs and underage attempts and that is to install idscan.co.uk for about £33 a week."

Peter Eveleigh​ via email 03/08/2006"False IDs are nothing new with the internet doing a roaring trade in them for some years. I just wish that the Portman, Validate and other "official" PASS scheme cards (and also photo driving licences) would put the date of birth in a type face which was large enough to be easily read by busy bar or door staff in often less than perfect lighting - for the font size.

I am not convinced that there has been a profiferation lately, more the fact that staff have got more aware of the consequences, so are actually asking many more folk for some proof of age.

We always confiscate the offending false ID and give them to the police to be reclaimed by the person if they wish. Works well!!"

Ken Nason​ via email 03/08/2006"Comment:Here we go again. The ID debate. Has it escaped anyones notice that we are being weaned onto ID cards by the back door?

Democracy didn't give Blair & co the answer they wanted so they seek to get their way despite the wishes of the electorate ( how arrogant!!)

It is being supported by making companies possibly liable for the results of not asking for ID. Fly to Glasgow and you need a passport!!!!! Where did that one come from?

Frighten Licensees with new laws that make them totally responsible, and introduce prove 21 style schemes(if its's hard to tell a 17 year old it's bloody impossible to tell a 21 year old! so you insult your customers)

Get asked for ID every time you enter a bank, deposit money, shop,etc etc etc .

The population then become fed up with it all and accept the only way for an easy life in this nation is to accept an ID card.

BANG!, the final lock snaps shut on the chains of freedom in this once great nation.

Government has TOTAL control of your life.(and you will NEVER get it back)"

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