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New addition: Laine CEO Gavin George has welcomed Distinct Group's staff

Laine Pub Co acquires Distinct Group

By Nikkie Sutton

Regional brewer and operator Laine Pub Company has acquired the four-strong leasehold pub estate of the Distinct Group.

Licensees' 'unrealistic assumptions' of property prices

Licensees' 'unrealistic assumptions' of property prices

By Michelle Perrett

Property valuers believe licensees think their pubs are worth more than they actually are, the market is less buoyant than a year ago and almost all say leasehold prices will not increase in the coming 12 months.

Pub property valuations need to know facts

The truth about property valuations

By Ben Winstanley

Few events in a pub’s lifespan conjure such emotion as when the time comes for current owners to sell up and move on. Ben Winstanley attends a valuation to discover what publicans need to know when selling their pub

Knockout blow for 158 Punch pub licensees

Knockout blow for 158 Punch pub licensees

By Ed Bedington

Interestingly enough, following on from my last piece on paranoia and the pub trade, Punch seemed determined to underline this by selling off a lot of pubs that it has been suggested would have been moving down the market rent-only option (MRO) route.

Rents can go down: nil uplift may not be a good outcome

How to get the most from a rent review

By Dan Mackernan

With plenty of time in hand, begin putting your information together, and use expert advice, so you can enjoy the spoils of a rent review, says Dan Mackernan, director of licensed leisure at international real estate services company Savills

'A freehold pub should be able to support borrowing of 75%'


Choosing between freehold and lease

By Stephen Taylor

Stephen Taylor, managing director of Guy Simmonds, explains the details you must consider when searching for a suitable pub