Vocal minority: pubs have said the majority of customers have been guidance-compliant and respectful


‘Difficult customers a minority’

By Emily Hawkins

Since reopening, many pub operators have taken to social media to lament experiences of customers being rude to pub staff or leaving unreasonable reviews online.

Customers must be honest: chefs share views on the increase in negative reviews

How has a spike in negative reviews impacted pubs?

By Alice Leader

A customer ‘walking in with a balaclava on’, is no different to an anonymous source leaving a negative review online, says a Great British Pub Awards Chef of the Year finalist.

Paid for: platforms such as TripAdvisor are fighting to protect real reviews

Operators ‘outraged’ over paid positive reviews offer

By Nicholas Robinson

Not long into the New Year and already operators are facing new threats against their businesses. On the face of it an email from a stranger suggesting you pay them money for positive pub reviews may, to some, appear innocuous. But the fact is, it poses...

Keyboard warriors: Peeved punters taking to the internet to complain are becoming a recurring problem for publicans

Opinion: TripDespiser strikes again

By Pete Brown

A reasonable approach to unreasonable on-line reviews is the best policy in order to make it clear to observers that the reviewer is the one in the wrong.

Potentially damaging: The Argus Pub Spy reviews slammed

Pub Spy reviews ‘damaging’ pub business, says petition

By Georgina Townshend

A petition, allegedly set up by Brighton publicans, is claiming that a local paper’s review column is damaging pub trade in the city because it has become more interested in writing “click-generating content” than providing a “balanced review”.

Some of the 'best' TripAdvisor responses from pubs

Some of the 'best' TripAdvisor responses from pubs

By Nikkie Sutton

TripAdvisor has come under fire many times from the hospitality industry and operators have previously blamed the review site for staff resignations, sleepless nights and police intervention. Here we look at some of the responses pubs have given to irate...

Bad experience: Licensees 'abdicate' TripAdvisor


TripAdvisor ‘a sad, desolate place’ says licensee

By Nicholas Robinson

The Queen Vic, Rottingdean, East Sussex, has refused to deal with TripAdvisor any longer after it claimed the platform encourages trolling, bullying and is “too emotionally draining”.

Police: under enormous political pressure to deal with the anti-social behaviour

Licence reviews up 19%; fall in revocations

By John Harrington, M&C Report

The number of alcohol licence reviews in the on-trade increased 19% last year, fuelled by a rising number of requests from police. However, despite...

Critical path

Critical path

Mark Taylor looks at how to handle the reviewers Love them or loathe them, critics can make or break a pub or restaurant with a single review. People...