Rio De Janeiro

'Demanding more': Nestpick examined cities across the world most suitable for Millennials to live

Coventry named best British beer city for Millennials

By Stuart Stone

A global study of the top 110 cities for Millennials - those born between the early 1980s and mid-1990s - by European property listings site Nestpick has given Coventry the highest ‘beer ranking’ of any British city.

Heineken launches City Edition bottles

New bottles for Heineken celebrate cities

By Robyn Black

London, New York and Rio De Janeiro will feature on new Heineken bottles from this month, as part of the brand’s Open Your City campaign.

SHS Drinks to launch ‘WKD Brazilian’

SHS Drinks to launch ‘WKD Brazilian’

By Jessica Mason

SHS Drinks is set to launch ‘WKD Brazilian’, a new limited-edition drink billed as a “party in a bottle,” to join its WKD portfolio.