Scottish Licensed Trade Association

Left in limbo: Scotland's First Minister not lifting restrictions for pubs despite capacity sports events going ahead from Monday

Scottish hospitality businesses ‘left in limbo’

By Rebecca Weller

Scottish hospitality businesses have been ‘left in limbo’ and ‘need answers now’ following Nicola Sturgeon’s latest coronavirus update as the sector saw another opportunity for recovery ‘snatched away’, according to trade bodies across the sector.

How has coronavirus impacted pubs in Scotland?

How has coronavirus impacted pubs in Scotland?

By Nikkie Thatcher

The Morning Advertiser takes a look at how coronavirus has affected pubs in Scotland from when lockdown was first announced at the beginning of spring this year.

MRO, Pubs Advisory Service,

Pubs code

MRO gains traction in Scotland

By Emily Sutherland

The Pub Advisory Service has pledged to help Scottish pubs follow England’s lead in introducing a market rent only option for tied tenants.

Scottish pubs have been hit by tougher drink driving laws

Scottish pubs suffer as tougher drink driving laws bite

By Mike Berry

The Scottish Licensed Trade Association has urged the Government to do more to support pubs north of the border, following a survey that reveals two thirds of outlets have suffered a decline in like-for-like sales of up to 10% following the introduction...

Smoking: should it be allowed in pubs again?

Scots trade group in smoke-ban fight

By Gurjit Degun

A Scottish trade group is fighting to re-introduce smoking in pubs, five years after the ban came in. The Scottish Licensed Trade Association (SLTA)...

Pubs making smoke ban work

Pubs making smoke ban work

Scotland's smoke ban enforcers are seriously under-employed thanks to the hard work of licensed trade staff.

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Scottish drinks don't measure up

Scottish drinkers may not always get what they pay for according to trading standards officers who found 45% of drinks tested did not measure up....

Scots MP targets supermarket bargain booze

Scots MP targets supermarket bargain booze

By Iain O'Neil

The Scottish Parliament is considering targeting cheap supermarket booze promotions in a bid to beat binge-drinking. Liberal Democrat MSP Donald...

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Jail threat to licensees

By Iain O'Neil

Scottish licensees could end up in jail if they don't sweep up after smokers who pop outside for a fag. Two Comments