What's in the news 5 October

Review of the Week

'National living wage is very inflationary'

By Ed Bedington

The Morning Advertiser's Ed Bedington catches up with award winning operator Clive Price of Barons Pub Company for his take on the week's news.

Unpopular opinion: the sector has opposed a push for MPs consider a smoking ban condition for local authorities considering pavement licences

Smoking restrictions 'last thing pub trade needs'

By Emily Hawkins

Pub sector stakeholders have said the last thing the trade needs is further restriction in response to calls for the Government to make banning smoking a necessary condition for pub pavement licences.

Image: Lindsay Fox at

Up in smoke: the rules of vaping inside pubs

By Georgina Townshend

The smoking ban came into effect in 2007 but where does that leave the many people who now want to vape in your premises rather than smoke cigarettes?

'Kick in the teeth': Forest publishes report on smoking ban and its impact on pubs

Pro-smoking group calls for review 10 years after ban

By Georgina Townshend

A pro-smoking campaign group has called on the Government to review the impact the smoking ban had on pubs, and to “consider alternatives to the policy”, as the UK approaches its 10-year anniversary.

Vaping: what is the law for pubs?

Legal advice

Vaping: what is the law for pubs?

By Poppleston Allen

E-cigarettes are another example of operators taking charge and banning otherwise perfectly legal habits.

'E-cigarettes are 95% safer than regular cigarettes,' says MP

E-cigarette debate

MP: Welsh ban on e-cigarettes indoors ‘makes no sense’

By Nicholas Robinson

A long-serving Member of Parliament has slammed the Welsh government’s stance on e-cigarettes, following Swansea Council’s inclusion of them in a consultation on banning smoking in outdoor public spaces, which could impact pub gardens.

The public want smoking rooms in pubs...could it happen?


The public want smoking rooms in pubs...could it happen?

By Helen Gilbert

It has been eight years since the smoking ban was introduced in England, yet the thorny topic has reared it head once again after recent research unearthed public support for amending the legislation. PMA reports.

Staying clear on smoking rules

Legal advice

Staying clear on smoking rules

By Poppleston Allen

All manner of pub-related topics were discussed by the various political parties in the run-up to the General Election but of particular interest was UKIP’s proposal to amend the smoking ban to allow pubs to introduce smoking rooms.

Texas Joe's menus to be rolled out in BrewDog bars across the country

Texas Joe’s eyes extended BrewDog tie-in and standalone sites

By John Harrington

Joe Walters, the entrepreneur behind the Texas Joe’s beef jerky brand whose investors include BrewDog co-founder James Watt, has told M&C Report he’s aiming to rollout his Texas barbecue menu to BrewDog bars across the country and is honing in on...

Fuller's e-cigarettes

Fuller's bans e-cigarettes from pubs

By Ellie Bothwell

Fuller’s has banned the use of e-cigarettes inside all its pubs, because the product causes “anxiety” among customers and staff.

Pub smoking area tips

Top tips on pub smoking shelters

By Poppleston Allen

The smoking ban had a dramatic effect on the pub trade as operators up and down the country were tasked with ensuring that customers could still enjoy a cigarette as well as a pint. Many premises provide designated smoking areas or smoking shelters but...

Mark Daniels: Would support a repeal of the smoking ban

There's A Reason We Have Ashtrays...

By Mark Daniels

Licensee Mark Daniels would vote for a repeal of the smoking ban so he can spend more time playing on his PlayStation and less time picking fag ends out of his pansies.

Town tries to ban street smoking

Buckinghamshire town attempts street smoking ban

By John Harrington, M&C Report

A Buckinghamshire town is attempting to be the first to ban smoking on its streets - a move that may cause concern for operators of land-locked pubs and bars.

DoH report on tobacco criticised

DoH report on tobacco criticised

By Adam Pescod

An academic review of the smoking ban commissioned by the Department of Health (DoH) has been criticised as "narrow and selective" by Imperial Tobacco.

Smoking: should it be allowed in pubs again?

Scots trade group in smoke-ban fight

By Gurjit Degun

A Scottish trade group is fighting to re-introduce smoking in pubs, five years after the ban came in. The Scottish Licensed Trade Association (SLTA)...

Nuttall with David Cameron: wants freedom of choice on smoking ban

MP's bid to relax smoking ban fails

By John Harrington

An MP's bid to change the law to let pubs offer separate smoking areas has failed at the first stage. MPs today voted against the Ten Minute Rule...

Hogan: smoking ban caused problems for staff at his pub

Ejected pub smoker returns with knife

By Lesley Foottit

Nick Hogan became the subject of yet more controversy after a man escorted from his pub for smoking returned with a knife.

Personal ashtray: helping to tackle litter problems

Personal ashtray launch

By Robyn Lewis

Cigarette manufacturer Imperial Tobacco has joined forces with CSR Solutions to launch a personal ashtray brand. Butts Out is a pocket-sized ashtray...

Smoke ban: woman breached the rules

Woman fined for breaching smoke ban

By Ewan Turney

A woman has been fined £100 for lighting up in a Luton pub and refusing to leave the premises. Andrea Griffith, aged 41 of Manor Park in Houghton...