St Patrick

Planning ahead: operators need to differentiate their offer

Drinks planning: flavours of the months

By Michelle Perrett

January is traditionally not the easiest month in which to attract punters to the pub, but licensees should view it as an opportunity by finding the right drinks to sell – and the same goes for many other events throughout the upcoming 12 months.

Consider music, drinks and entertainment on St Patrick's Day

GP Generator: St Patrick's Day

By Phil Mellows

Licensees should work hard on their St Patrick’s Day offer and consider music and entertainment options ahead of the big day in March. The Publican's Morning Advertiser shares some top tips from the experts.

The luck of the Irish... and Scottish

The luck of the Irish... and Scottish

A Scottish pub will be hoping the luck of the Irish is with it when it attempts to break two UK records to mark this year’s St Patrick’s Day.

Time for pubs to gear up for St Patrick's Day

Making the most of St Patrick's Day

By Sheila McWattie

For those willing to put in the hard yards and prepare for it, St Patrick’s Day can provide licensees with one of the busiest days of their year. Sheila McWattie reports.

Guinness: New PoS kits for St Patrick's Day

Diageo customises Guinness PoS kits

By Robyn Lewis

Recipes, business tips and music CDs form part of the revamped Guinness kits for this year's St Patrick's Day celebrations. Brand owner Diageo has...