A sporting chance: volumes sales fall versus the same week last year (credit: Getty/sturti)

Like-for-like on-trade drinks sales volumes down

By Gary Lloyd

On-trade drinks sales have fallen behind last year’s volumes but it would be difficult to beat last year’s biggest single day of sales when England competed in the football World Cup quarter final.

On-trend: SIBA has cited stouts and low ABV beers are ones to watch in 2024

Stouts and low ABV beers setting trends

By Gary Lloyd

Stouts and low ABV beers are leading the charge when it comes to trends in beer for the on-trade, according to the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA).

The Morning Advertiser Lock In Podcast episode 61

The Lock In Podcast

Black gold: Why is Guinness so popular?

By Ed Bedington

Guinness is an iconic brand that has stood the test of time and continues to forge a path others can only dream of. The Lock In team takes a closer look and asks: Why is Guinness the only show in town?*

New products: this week's round-up includes new serves from Adnams, Silent Pool and Small Beer Brewery

Adnams releases new cask stout

By Rebecca Weller

This week's new products round up features two new offerings from Adnams, a super-premium gin expression from Silent Pool and a new IPA from Small Beer Brewery alongside Amazon's first wine collection and cask strength whisky from McNair's....

Something new: BrewDog announces stout headliner Black Heart

BrewDog releases new draught stout

By Rebecca Weller

Independent Scottish brewer and operator BrewDog has expanded its portfolio with the addition of a new draught stout, Black Heart, to its headliner range.

Food and beer pairing: evolving the palate


Food and beer pairing: evolving the palate

By Adam Dulye, Brewers Association executive chef

Everything on the menu should reflect what is in season and what a chef wants to cook right now, just as craft beers reflect what a craft brewer wants to brew right now.