Impossible to reopen: one publican said he felt there was 'no light at the end of the tunnel' with theatre lovers reluctant to return

Theatre pubs 'stepping into the unknown'

By Emily Hawkins

Theatre pubs are facing an existential threat as the possibility of reopening this summer looks slim, operators have told The Morning Advertiser (MA).

All the bar's a stage: pub theatre can entice a wider audience to your premises

Pub drama: theatre can pull in the crowds

By Fiona McLelland

Drama in your pub is not always a bad thing, particularly if you’re putting on a theatre production. Here are some pubs that have made a success of the stage business and advice that could lead you to get your act together

Steampunks: street theatre builds excitement around The Alchemist's new opening

£1.5m Alchemist site to open in Oxford

By Nicholas Robinson

Bar and restaurant group The Alchemist has pumped £1.5m into the opening of a new shopping centre bar in Oxford, creating 75 new jobs.

Disco Venue

Disco Venue

Pub of the Year This award, sponsored by PPL, aims at recognising the venue that has regularly staged the most entertaining and well-attended dance...