The Morning Advertiser Lock In Podcast episode 33

The Lock In Podcast

The opportunities and pitfalls of review websites

By Ed Bedington

The latest episode of the Lock In Podcast sees the team focus on review sites such as TripAdvisor and Google from the Prince of Peckham in east London with the pub’s operator Clement Ogbonnaya as well as Tony Kent from

Vocal minority: pubs have said the majority of customers have been guidance-compliant and respectful


‘Difficult customers a minority’

By Emily Hawkins

Since reopening, many pub operators have taken to social media to lament experiences of customers being rude to pub staff or leaving unreasonable reviews online.

Paid for: platforms such as TripAdvisor are fighting to protect real reviews

Operators ‘outraged’ over paid positive reviews offer

By Nicholas Robinson

Not long into the New Year and already operators are facing new threats against their businesses. On the face of it an email from a stranger suggesting you pay them money for positive pub reviews may, to some, appear innocuous. But the fact is, it poses...

Legal knowledge: Jonathan Greatorex wants TripAdvisor to take down untrue reviews

How to remove malicious TripAdvisor reviews

By James Beeson

It’s every licensee’s worst nightmare. A wholly untrue and malicious review, posted on the internet on a website that refuses to take it down.

Marketing tool: the pros and cons of TripAdvisor

What pubs think of TripAdvisor as platform grows ever larger

By Georgina Townshend

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny the power of TripAdvisor. The site recently hit the impressive milestone of 500 million comments last month and data released by the site shows that it now receives 290 pieces of user-generated content every minute of...

Some of the 'best' TripAdvisor responses from pubs

Some of the 'best' TripAdvisor responses from pubs

By Nikkie Sutton

TripAdvisor has come under fire many times from the hospitality industry and operators have previously blamed the review site for staff resignations, sleepless nights and police intervention. Here we look at some of the responses pubs have given to irate...

Bad experience: Licensees 'abdicate' TripAdvisor


TripAdvisor ‘a sad, desolate place’ says licensee

By Nicholas Robinson

The Queen Vic, Rottingdean, East Sussex, has refused to deal with TripAdvisor any longer after it claimed the platform encourages trolling, bullying and is “too emotionally draining”.

TripAdvisor: who gives a hoot?


TripAdvisor: who gives a hoot?

By Daniel Woolfson

TripAdvisor: love it or hate it, if you work in hospitality, you’ve got an opinion. And the chances are it's a strong one.

How pubs should respond to TripAdvisor reviews

Business Support

'Honest' TripAdvisor responses: good or bad for business?

By Emily Sutherland

Dealing with bad TripAdvisor reviews has kept many a pub operator up at night. But long-running frustration with reviews seen as inaccurate, unfair or malicious has reached boiling point, with some licensees taking matters into their own hands by posting...

TripAdvisor launches Windows app


TripAdvisor launches Windows app

By Oli Gross

TripAdvisor has launched an app that will assist potential customers to browse reviews and book visits while out and about on their smartphones.

No receipt, no review: call for fair play on online reviews

No receipt, no review: call for fair play on online reviews

By Emily Sutherland

Bad reviews posted online are a headache for many pubs. Most licensees accept that even with top-notch staff and a slick operation, things do occasionally go wrong and some customers will never be happy. But it can be particularly blood-boiling when bad...

Media Specialist Alan Stevens

Business Advice

Getting the best out of TripAdvisor

By Elliot Kuruvita

Media specialist Alan Stevens from MediaCoach offered insights at hospitality show Cafe Culture on how licensees can use TripAdvisor to their advantage.


How to handle negative reviews on TripAdvisor

By Phil Davison

We have been open for seven months now at our new freehouse, the Fox at Peasemore, Berks, which Lauren and I have transformed into a welcoming country pub. The feedback we’ve received so far has been overwhelmingly positive, and we’ve built up an excellent...

Review site TripAdvisor is just not worth it

Review site TripAdvisor is just not worth it

By Lesley Foottit

I’ve yet to meet a publican in support of TripAdvisor. Of course,it can do good for a business, if people review kindly, but you can’t please everybody all the time.

Be in it to win it in 2012 by working smarter

Be in it to win it in 2012 by working smarter

By Gerry Price

Tim Martin has been on BBC Radio Four, with his droll manner and demands for VAT and duty reductions. Ralph Findlay’s Personal View was published in The Telegraph’s business pages, saying that the pubcos have done ever such a lot and can now make codes...