Pub capital: Liberty Games declares Portsmouth the UK's pub capital

Liberty Games crowns Britain’s pub capital

By Stuart Stone

Games room specialists Liberty Games analysed the addresses of 51,566 pubs and crowned Portsmouth as the pub capital of the UK, based on the number of pubs per square mile.

Up and away: gin sales are on the rise

British gin outsells beef

By Huw Cross

Britain exports more gin than beef, according to new figures that show overseas sales reached £530m in 2017.

Innovative: Eebria's Peter Kennelly and David Jackson are on a mission to improve beer distribution

UK beer distribution model ‘fundamentally messed up’

By James Beeson

The warehouse model employed by most beer distributors is “broken” and should be “done a completely different way”, according to one of the UK’s leading online retailers and wholesale suppliers.

On the road: pub showcase could encourage more overseas tourists to visit British pubs

Mock pub aims to drive UK tourism and beer exports

By Fred A'Court

A British pub set-up complete with bar, seating areas and even an iconic red telephone box at overseas trade shows could also be used to boost beer exports – with the added bonus of visiting a pub as a ‘must do’ activity during a visit to the UK.

Stay with me: PM gives EU migrants right to work in post-Brexit UK

‘Migrant workers can stay,’ says PM

By Nicholas Robinson

Pubs employing EU migrants will be allowed to maintain their contracts once the UK leaves the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed for the first time.

Rising trend: rum sales have soared by 6% in volume in pubs over the past five years

Rum to break £1bn sales barrier this year

By Nikkie Sutton

Rum sales are expected to top the £1bn mark this year if current consumption trends continue, the Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) has said.

Holidays: staycations are more popular

Staycations grow hospitality sales by more than 8%

By Nicholas Robinson

Brits are now more inclined to holiday in the UK, providing the on-trade with a substantial boost, although the uncertain economic climate is preventing them from really splashing the cash.

What to do with truffles: 6 tips to make them go further

6 ways to make black truffles go further

By Nicholas Robinson

They are potentially the most expensive fungi known to man, with prices regularly exceeding £30 per gram, but there are ways to extend the use of truffles beyond thinly shaving them over a dish.

Right wing: More than half (61%) of respondents to The MA's snap survey indicated they would be voting Tory on 8 June.

General Election 2017

Pubs want Conservative Government

By Ed Bedington

The pub industry seems to be leaning towards a continuation of Conservative Party rule according to the results of our general election survey, with many citing Brexit as the key battleground for their votes. Ed Bedington reports.

Demands: CAMRA and WSTA set out general election manifestos

General election 2017

Drinks industry calls for ‘protection’ of £23.1bn pub trade

By Nicholas Robinson

Demands for a more prosperous pub and drinks industry have been set out by sector organisations the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) and the Wine and Spirits Trade Association (WSTA) ahead of the general election.  

Flavour boom: TailGate founder predicts rise in flavoured craft beer consumption

US flavoured craft beer invasion gaining pace

By Nicholas Robinson

Flavoured craft beer is the juggernaut powering the growth of Tennessee’s self-proclaimed largest craft beer producer across The Pond to the UK, a trend TailGate Beer founder Wesley Keegan does not envisage slowing.

WSTA warns Government over post-Brexit bootlegging

WSTA warns Government over post-Brexit bootlegging

By Georgina Townshend

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) has warned Government that if Brexit talks do not achieve frictionless borders, delays and gridlocks at ports will “encourage the resurgence of alcohol smugglers”.

Article 50 trigger date prompts calls to ‘protect pubs’

Article 50 trigger date prompts calls to ‘protect pubs’

By Georgina Townshend

Concerns about the future of beer exports and the rights of EU nationals working in pubs have been restated by industry groups after the Prime Minister announced she would trigger Article 50 on Wednesday 29 March.

The gin boom: make way for Tequila?

2017 drinks trends: what to stock

By Nicholas Robinson

Gin will give way to Tequila and more consumers will seek to buy only locally-made alcoholic drinks, including craft beer and spirits.

Duty request: the WSTA wants a cut in wine and spirit duty

BBPA rebukes calls for wine and spirit duty cut

By Liam Coleman

The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) has dismissed the Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA)'s calls for a cut in wine and spirit duty at the upcoming Budget and reiterated its own call for cuts to beer duty.

Diners confused over tipping


Diners confused over tipping

By Michelle Perrett

More than half (54%) of British diners find the UK tipping culture awkward, the latest AA survey has revealed.

24 Greene King licensees ask for MRO quote

pubs code

MRO quote plea from 24 Greene King licensees

By Michelle Perrett

Greene King has revealed that 24 licensees requested a quote for the market rent-only option (MRO) in the first three months of the pubs code.

People relied on soft drinks as herbal remedies at one point in our history

In association with CCEP

How soft drinks started

By Nicholas Robinson

Softs have played an important role in society for centuries, but their history and value is too often overlooked. There’s a lot more to soft drinks than first meets the eye.

Rising: sales of Champagne and gin on the up

Spirits and fizz ‘taking over beer’

Spirits and wine make up 50% of drinks sales in new pubs

By Nicholas Robinson

Spirits and wine are giving beer a run for its money, with the two categories now accounting for almost half (49%) of value sales in new pubs, bars and restaurants.

Smooth not crunchy: Tailgate launches Peanut Butter Milk Stout in the UK

New Products

Peanut Butter Milk Stout lands in the UK

By Nicholas Robinson

TOP SHELF:This smooth (not crunchy) 5.8% ABV Peanut Butter Milk Stout has been imported into the UK for the first time by global drinks importer Heathwick from American craft brewery Tailgate Beer.

BrewDog urges pledge your death to a good cause

BrewDog: pledge your death to a good cause

By Daniel Woolfson

BrewDog has launched a campaign encouraging drinkers to become organ donors alongside the launch of its new ‘temporary’ beer, Born to Die.

Analysis: The food-led pub juggernaut rolls on

CGA/AlixPartners data

Analysis: The food-led pub juggernaut rolls on

By Mike Berry

While UK pub numbers generally are in decline — with wet-led outlets losing out to food-led sites — vibrant city centres across the country are bucking the trend. Mike Berry reports.

What room is there for the growth of fruit lager in the UK?


Top beer innovations of 2016 so far

By Nicholas Robinson

From vagina-infused beer to ale claiming to taste like joy, the trade appears to have seen it all so far this year when it comes to innovation. While we’ve had our fair share of novel launches, there have also been many legitimate new products brought...

Heading for the Brexit: How leaving the EU will impact pubs

EU referendum

Heading for the Brexit: How leaving the EU will impact pubs

By Adam Bernstein

Adam Bernstein takes a look at some of the key areas that will affect the pub sector following the British public vote to leave the European Union, and how a rejection of the continent could shape the landscape for pub operators in years to come.

It's your time to stand out from the crowd

Publican Awards 2016

It's your time to stand out from the crowd


With the deadline fast approaching, now’s the time to enter one of the pub sector’s most prestigious events — the Publican Awards 2016.

Cocktails sold in quarter of on-trade outlets

Cocktails sold in quarter of on-trade outlets

By MC Allegra FS

Cocktails are now sold in around a quarter of the UK’s on-trade outlets with restaurants an increasingly popular destination to drink them, according to new research.

What makes a Great British Pub?

What makes a Great British Pub?

By Ed Bedington

The UK pub sector is, without a doubt, a diverse and exciting sector — pubs and bars come in a wide range of flavours, but there’s no getting away from the fact it’s a dynamic and fast-moving business for those at the top of the game.