Underage Drinking

Rob Willock:

Ministers PASS the buck on underage drinking

By Rob Willock

Financial penalties set at the right level can be an effective way of punishing criminals and deterring them from further offending. That was the message from justice minister Jeremy Wright MP last week as he announced proposals for magistrates to issue...

Underage drinking and the demonisation of alcohol

Underage drinking and the demonisation of alcohol

By James Anderson

I wanted to write a piece about underage drinking and I should say at the outset that these views are my own and they will be controversial, but I do believe that debate is good and vive la difference! writes James Anderson, partner.

Underage, under the radar

Underage, under the radar

By Rob Willock

Last night on the train home I read a newspaper article by a columnist who recounted seeing a teenage girl “slumped against a wall” and “out for the count”. Another story about underage drinking caused by cheap supermarket booze. Let me take you back...

Charity: partnership approach is best

'Work with us on underage drinking'

By The PMA Team

Publican's Morning Advertiser editor The PMA Team says authorities must work with the trade to beat underage sales.


Newquay hosts defend under-age policies

By Sonya Hook

Pubs and bars around Newquay have defended their policies towards underage drinking following two teenage cliff-fall deaths earlier this month....

Campaigns are designed to halt teen drinking

Funding available for underage crackdown

By Ewan Turney

A total of £1.4m has been made available to help towns combat underage drinking over the summer. The funding is available for 69 towns and boroughs...

Bebo: photos posted were not used as evidence

Punch denies Bebo used to shut pub

By Ewan Turney

Punch Taverns has denied that photos from a social networking site were used to shut one of its pubs on the grounds of underage drinking. Police said...

Jeremy Beadles: Partnership approach can work

WSTA: Use existing powers to stop underage drinking

By Ewan Turney

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) has published an action plan to help communities tackle underage drinking based on enforcing existing powers and a partnership approach.



As underage drinking is blamed for social ills, the pub needs to assert itself, says Ken Lupton I was horrified by the recent murder of Garry Newlove...

Bernard Brindley in the White Lion, Pailton.

The Guv'nor

Bernard Brindley, licensee at the White Lion, Pailton, Warwickshire: Police should act in a more honest and up-front fashion to help crack down on...