Violence is not the answer: Listen to all sides of the story

Protecting your premises against violence

By Rebecca Weller

There are many ways publicans can protect their business, staff and reputation against violence, including CCTV, no drugs policies, stay up to date with health and safety regulations, provide extra staff training, use plastic bottles where appropriate,...

Christmas trouble: police crack down on crime in pubs to create a merrier Christmas

Troublemakers can expect 13-month pub ban

By Alice Leader

Cumbria Police are knuckling down on drink-fuelled trouble in pubs and clubs across Whitehaven by implementing a bar ban for troublesome customers, spanning both this Christmas and next.

Stab wounds: pubs in London’s financial district are set to receive kits to control heavy bleeding

City of London pubs to be given stab kits

By Emily Hawkins

Pubs in London’s financial district are set to receive bleed control kits in response to rising knife crime in the area, police bosses have announced.

Pubs employees violence

Legal checklist: Violence at work

By Pat Perry

Violence at work is very much a health and safety issue. If your employees are in danger of experiencing violence whilst at work, you have a duty of care as their employer to reduce the risks as far as is reasonably practicable. Our guide details the...

Action: helped reduce disorder

Action cuts anti-social disorder

By John Harrington

Alcohol-related disorder in and near bars in Derby fell 41% after individual action plans were implemented at 20 venues. The Bar Futures scheme in...

Metal detector plan for pubs and clubs

Metal detector plan for pubs and clubs

By Ewan Turney

Pubs and clubs could have metal detectors installed at entrances to check for knives and guns. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith announced today, in the...

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Pub doorstaff urged not to use handcuffs

By Iain O'Neil

Manchester licensees are being urged not to allow their doorstaff to use handcuffs to restrain violent customers. Concerns over the practice were...