What's in the news 31 May?

Review of the Week

‘Don’t listen to the forecasts!’

By Tom Easton

The Morning Advertiser’s Ed Bedington caught up with Thorley Tavern’s boss Phil Thorley for an audio chat on his take of the week’s goings ons, from election fever to the weather and the predictions for the summer ahead.

What's in the news May 10?

Review of the Week

'Wet pubs are flying high'

By Ed Bedington

The MA's Ed Bedington met up with Ashley McCarthy, licensee of Ye Old Sun Inn, to get his take on the state of the trade and the week's news.

Extreme weather: pubs lose stock and are forced to close due heavy rain and flooding (Credit: Getty/onfilm)

Pubs forced to close due to flooding

By Rebecca Weller

Pubs across the country have lost thousands of pounds worth of trade and stock due to heavy rain and flooding – with one site even welcoming some fishy guests.

What's in the news 4 August?

Review of the Week

'Can't see it getting a lot better'

By Ed Bedington

The MA's Ed Bedington caught up with Frisco Pubs boss and podcast legend Heath Ball to get his take on the week's news, from duty changes and utilities profits to the weather.

What's in the news 28 July?

Review of the Week

'We've got to support each other'

By Ed Bedington

The MA's Ed Bedington caught up with the Vaulkhard Group's Ollie Vaulkhard to talk about challenges, positivity and the price of a pint.

What's in the news 1 April?

The MA's Review of the Week

'We as an industry need to adapt'

By Ed Bedington

The MA's Ed Bedington caught up with the group md of award winning Liberation Group, Jayson Perfect, to get his thoughts on the weeks events. From winning three Publican Awards, to rising headwinds and the importance of outdoor trading.

Storms Dudley, Eunice, and Franklin: pubs battered by extreme weather costing thousands and causing closures (Credit: Getty/ oversnap)

Storms cost pubs tens of thousands

By Rebecca Weller

Storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin have battered parts of the UK over the past week and left some pubs unable to open.

Blue sky thinking: 'The level of optimism and positivity in the business, after a very, very challenging period, is sky high at the moment,' Shepherd Neame CEO Jonathan Neame said

‘Number one priority is to restore the business’

By Stuart Stone

Sharing a heartland with Covid-19’s ‘Kent variant’ has seen the vast majority of Shepherd Neame’s 300-odd sites shuttered for more than five months. As such, CEO Jonathan Neame is looking forward to what he believes will be a ‘very good summer’.

The Morning Advertiser Lock In podcast episode 22

The Lock In Podcast

The Lock In Podcast: Baby it's cold outside...

By Ed Bedington

The Lock In team tackle the first week or so of trade, how to handle freezing customers, and speak to special guests Brendan Padfield of the Unruly Pig, and Elaine Wrigley of Atlas Bar to hear their experiences of reopening to date. We also tackle some...

Weather warning: the UK's harvest has been hit by the heatwave and a reliance on fewer migrant workers

Heatwave could mean vegetable shortage

By Emily Hawkins

A difficult harvest caused by recent hot weather means buyers may struggle to buy certain produce, a leading procurement experts has warned.

Pimm's summer campaign goes digital

Pimm's summer campaign goes digital

By Laurie Macdonald

Diageo has launched a new sensor driven Pimm’s marketing campaign in London. The system uses a network to collect smartphone data from within participating pubs to measure the level of busyness and displaying the data on digital posters directing customers...

UK leisure spend grows 2% year-on-year

UK leisure spend grows 2% year-on-year

By John Harrington, M&C Report

The average British household spent 2% (£5) more on leisure in August than in the same month last year, driven by growth in eating out (+11% to £98.09) and mitigated by a 2% fall in drinking out spend (to £50.35).

Spirit Pub Company sales on track

Spirit Pub Company sales on track despite tough trading

By Mark Wingett

Spirit Pub Company has reported a 2.6% rise in like-for-like sales across its managed estate for the six weeks to 25 May, a performance that bounced back after a 3.8% decline in the proceeding six weeks, which it said was impacted by an “an exceptionally...


Here comes the sun... time for a positive outlook

By Mike Berry

Foreign Secretary William Hague’s recent message to business to stop complaining about the parlous state of the economy and “work harder” has gone down like the proverbial lead balloon.

Wells and Youngs: 2% rise won't be passed on until June

Charles Wells defers rent for snow-hit pubs

By John Harrington

Charles Wells Pub Company has deferred rent payments for eight pubs that suffered badly during the recent snow. Managing director Anthony Wallis...

Hydes XXXX: back for now

Hydes brings its XXXX beer back for winter

By Lesley Foottit

Manchester brewer Hydes is bringing back its strong seasonal ale Hydes XXXX for a limited time only. The 6.8% ABV ale will be available throughout...

Luminar has seen a sharp decline in footfall over the last nine weeks

Luminar sees sharp decline in footfall

By Ewan Turney

Late-night operator Luminar Leisure has blamed the weather, England's failure to qualify for Euro 2008 and the general economic climate for a "sharp...



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