Welsh Assembly

Welsh: proud of corned beef pasty

Peter's steps up corned beef pasty campaign

By Lesley Foottit

Peter's Foodservice is launching a petition to secure more support in its quest to have the corned beef pasty recognised as a Welsh national dish....

Pasty: food of Wales

Peter's drive to make pasty food of Wales

By Lesley Foottit

Pasty baker Peter's Foods is leading a campaign to get the corned beef pasty recognised as the offical dish of Wales. It will be petitioning for...

Wales: Government won't devolve powers

Wales' bid to control licensing is rejected

By John Harrington

The UK Government has "no plans" to devolve alcohol licensing powers in Wales to the Welsh Assembly. Welsh Assembly minister Edwina Hart last week...

Welsh AMs will meet to discuss plans to help pubs

Welsh Assembly plans to help pubs

By John Harrington

Pro-pub Welsh Assembly members expect to set an agenda for action to help community outlets today. The first formal meeting of the Cross-Party...

The Welsh Smoking ban

Welsh smoking ban starts

By Ewan Turney

The smoking ban in pubs, bars and restaurants in Wales came into effect this morning at 6am. The Welsh Assembly has started an advertising campaign...

Welsh set ban rules

Welsh set ban rules

By John Harrington john.harrington@william-reed.co.u

Pubs in Wales will have to abide by roughly the same rules as their English and Scottish counterparts when the Welsh smoking ban begins at 6am on 2...