Decision time: Careful consideration is advised on potentially switching to a premises licence (credit: Getty/izusek)


Legal Q&A: Members’ clubs v pubs – what to consider

By Joe Harvey, associate solicitor, Poppleston Allen

In the latest Q&A with Poppleston Allen, Joe Harvey weighs up the pros and cons of ditching a club premises certificate for a premises licence.

Licensing hub: Poppleston Allen tips on low and no alcohol drinks (Credit: Getty/Henrik Sorensen)


Top licensing tips on low alcohol and alcohol-free drinks

By Paula Kioko, marketing associate, Poppleston Allen

Customers are increasingly choosing low or alcohol-free drinks, with some adopting a moderation strategy of alternating between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages during nights out. Researchers indicate that this trend is showing no signs of slowing...

Licensing hub: Poppleston Allen advice on navigating off-sales and pavement licences (Credit: Getty/urbazon)


Navigating off-sales and pavement licences

By David Inzani, partner at Poppleston Allen

In the wake of the challenges posed by the pandemic, the hospitality trade saw significant regulatory changes introduced under the Business and Planning Act.

Licensing hub with Poppleston Allen: right to refuse service and denying entry? (Credit:Getty/SolStock)


Right to refuse service and denying entry?

By Elizabeth Varley, trainee solicitor, Poppleston Allen

You may have faced some challenges over the festive period with customers or potential customers challenging you or your staff if you have decided to refuse them service or entry and you may now be questioning whether you made the right decision or are...

Licensing hub: Can I refuse service to someone suspected of purchasing alcohol for a minor? (Credit: Getty/ Peter Cade / Pictured: Jonathan Smith)


Legal Q&A: adults purchasing alcohol for minors in pubs

By Jonathan Smith, partner, Poppleston Allen

This week’s column from licensing firm Poppleston Allen advises operators how to proceed in situations involving customers over the age of 18 attempting to purchase alcohol in pubs for patrons that are under 18.

Licence advice: Poppleston Allen outlines how a negative visit from a licensing officer is often followed up with an advisory letter (image: Getty/sturti)


Surviving a licensing inspection

By Graeme Cushion, partner, Poppleston Allen

I have noticed in recent months an apparent increase in the number of licensing compliance visits that are being conducted at licensed premises. Unusually, these seem to have centred mostly around relatively low-risk premises such as restaurants.

Vote now: let us know how trading has been so far in 2023 (image: Getty/South_agency)

Are you trading in line with expectations?

By Nikkie Thatcher

January has always been a quiet month for the hospitality trade and this year also has the ongoing challenges of the energy and cost-of-living crises.

The Morning Advertiser Lock In Podcast episode 40

The Lock In Podcast

The challenges of outdoor trading

By Ed Bedington

With summer threatening, the Lock In team take a look at whether pubs are ready or not for outdoor trading, looking at some of the challenges, and how recent legislative changes have impacted on the classic pub garden.

Advice given: there are a variety of things operators should know about hosting raffles in pubs (image: Getty/kevinjeon00)

Licensing hub - legal with Poppleston Allen

How to host a raffle

By Imogen Moss, solicitor, Poppleston Allen

With the festive season upon us, many operators will be planning raffles. There are a number of rules venues must follow, so here are some top tips to ensure everyone remains a winner.

Advice piece: Poppleston Allen give the answers you need to know about pavement licences (image: Getty/urbazon)

Licensing hub - legal with Poppleston Allen

Legal Q&A: pavement licences

By Poppleston Allen

Licensing experts Poppleston Allen answer questions about pavement licences.

What's in the news 10 September

NI hike 'a kick in the teeth'

By Ed Bedington

The Morning Advertiser spoke to multiple pub boss Dianne Irving of Drouth Ltd on the headlines of the week.

Legal advice: tips on the position of gaming machines (image: Getty/halbergman)

Licensing hub - legal with Poppleston Allen

Legal Q&A: Raffle rules and gaming machines

By Poppleston Allen

Poppleston Allen delves into the rules around hosting a charity raffle as well as locations of gaming machines.

Pubco paperwork: According to data provided by the office of the PCA, as of 31 March 2021 there were 8,692 sites under pubs code jurisdiction via the regulated pub companies

The pubs code turns five

In numbers: the PCA's five-year caseload

By The Morning Advertiser

To mark the fifth anniversary of the pubs code coming into force on 21 July, The Morning Advertiser (MA) has broken down some of the numbers behind the pubs code adjudicator’s (PCA) in tray.

Five years on: The Morning Advertiser has launched a survey to reflect on the five years since the pubs code came into force and the office of the pubs code adjudicator was established


Tell us: the pubs code five years on

By The Morning Advertiser

As we approach the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the pubs code and the office of the pubs code adjudicator (PCA), The Morning Advertiser (MA) has launched a survey to reflect on the past five years.

Beer boom: ‘It may be that as an operator you are considering running different types of events to not only boost trade, but to attract both existing and new customers back into your venue’ (image: Getty/Aja Koska)

Licensing Hub – Legal with Poppleston Allen

Top tips: ‘freedom day’ and beer festivals

By Poppleston Allen

The remaining coronavirus restrictions are due to be lifted on the 19 July and it is likely all operators will be looking at alternative ways of maximising trade after such long periods of closure and restrictions being in place.

Extended measures: Suraj Desor, specialist hospitality licensing solicitor at Poppleston Allen, answers key questions about the extended Covid restrictions (image: Getty/Monkeybusinessimages)

Licensing hub - Legal with Poppleston Allen

Restrictions extended in England – What pubs need to know

By Poppleston Allen

The Prime Minister has confirmed restrictions in England will remain in place at least midnight on 18 July. Suraj Desor, specialist hospitality licensing solicitor at Poppleston Allen, answers key questions about the extended measures.

Game on: ‘A question I have been asked a lot is whether gaming machines are allowed on licensed premises following the updated Covid-19 rules and guidance’ (Image: d1sk/Getty Images)


Level-up: key requirements for pub gaming machines

By Poppleston Allen

As we enter a new period of trading, it is worth brushing up on some of the key requirements for gaming machines in licensed venues in England and Wales.

Mixed bag: ‘there are some councils who are motivated to assist and there are some who are culturally incapable of decision making’ (Image:wildpixel/Getty Images)

Licensing Hub – Legal with Poppleston Allen

Red Lion or red tape?

By Poppleston Allen

I write this article as Monday 17 May approaches, the light in the tunnel becomes brighter, and the journey towards ‘normality’, pot of gold of staycationers with savings and pub envy, a long, hot summer and the Euros await.

The Morning Advertiser Lock In podcast episode 22

The Lock In Podcast

The Lock In Podcast: Baby it's cold outside...

By Ed Bedington

The Lock In team tackle the first week or so of trade, how to handle freezing customers, and speak to special guests Brendan Padfield of the Unruly Pig, and Elaine Wrigley of Atlas Bar to hear their experiences of reopening to date. We also tackle some...

Mixed views: ‘where the takings are low, you can be working for an hourly rate less than minimum wage’


Will Uber ruling prevent publicans being taken for a ride?

By Phil Dixon, trade adviser

When the Supreme Court finally ruled that Uber drivers were definitely not self-employed, it called into question whether so-called self-employed pub managers working under ‘a percentage of take’ model were also really self-employed.

Nightclubs reopening: the Chancellor has been urged to introduce further support for struggling nightclub businesses

'Clubs need support to survive until summer'

By Emily Hawkins

The late-night sector has urged the Chancellor for additional financial support to ensure nightclubs are still in business by the time they are allowed to reopen.

The Morning Advertiser Lock In podcast episode 15

The Lock In Podcast

The Lock In Podcast: Thanks a lot Boris!

By Ed Bedington

With the roadmap to reopening the podcast team give their thoughts to the news, (spoiler,the reaction is not that great) and look at how pubs should be approaching the reopening challenge. They also tackle the tricky subject of insurance with special...

Operator view: reopening with heavy restrictions means risking that 'customers will not enjoy the experience and will be lost to the industry for the long-term,' according to John Ellis


'Opening up too early risks ruining pub experience'

By John Ellis, Crown Inn, Oakengates and Elephant & Castle, Dawley

I'm very concerned about the headlines this weekend that big property companies such as JD Wetherspoon and Young's are pushing the conversation towards opening up the industry before that would be viable.

Revenue down: London-based bar group Darwin & Wallace has reported huge losses amid the coronavirus pandemic

Darwin & Wallace revenues down £2m

By Georgia Cronin, MCA

London-based bar group Darwin & Wallace lost almost a quarter of its usual revenue as a result of the first lockdown, contributing to a £2m dip in its year-on-year sales.

Furloughed employees should be encouraged to undertake training


Preparing for re-opening – staff refresher training

By Poppleston Allen

Re-opening may be some time off, however, now is the perfect time to think about preparing some refresher training for all your staff to undertake on their return behind the bar to get ahead of the game and reduce any threat of enforcement.

The Morning Advertiser Lock In podcast episode 13

The Lock In Podcast

The Lock In Podcast: Lockdown, loneliness and livelihoods

By Ed Bedington

Ongoing restrictions, supply shenanigans and whether to invest or not - the team take a topical look at the latest issues for the pub trade in this week's episode of the Lock In podcast and we discuss misguided campaigners and the importance of pubs...

Do pubs, bars and restaurants have a role to play in helping to re-invigorate the high street and to take advantage of units that are closed?

Licensing Hub – Legal with Poppleston Allen

Legal Q&A: post-lockdown licensing and opportunities for pubs

By James Anderson, Poppleston Allen

James Anderson from specialist licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen discusses what role pubs could play on post-lockdown high streets and where opportunities exist for operators once restrictions are lifted.

Our 2020 numbers show an overall reduction of 381 in regulated tied pub estates to 8,745 compared with the previous year


How do pubs code rights apply when a pub is sold?

By Fiona Dickie, pubs code adjudicator

The pandemic is having an effect on many lives and businesses across the whole pub trade – one outcome of this could be pub acquisitions by investors with long-term confidence in the recovery of the sector.