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Rational mobile SelfCooking CenterI don't think I'm ready for meals on wheels yet, but it feels like it some days. I quite like the sound of...

Rational mobile SelfCooking Center

I don't think I'm ready for meals on wheels yet, but it feels like it some days. I quite like the sound of Rational's mobile SelfCooking Center, though. It's mounted on stainless steel casters and so can be moved quickly to wherever it's needed. That means we could put the domino club's Christmas party in that old function room we normally keep locked. They won't mind the smell.

Rational UK: 0800 389 2944,

Winterhalter RoMatik systems

Our glasses are, quite frankly, a disgrace. We had trading standards in the other day, and the poor man couldn't even see the beer, let alone measure the size of the head. Winterhalter has launched three new RoMatik water treatment systems for use with glasswashers and dishwashers. They use reverse osmosis - whatever that is - to remove mineral salts from the water, delivering sparkling results. Let's hope the beer quality's up to it.

Winterhalter 01908 359000

Ital contact grill

I'm going to put a few more grilled dishes on the menu, before the "does my bum look big in this?" brigade starts whingeing at me in January. The Ital range of contact grills, supplied by Apuro, is ideal for grilling chicken, other meats and fish, as well as searing vegetables and making toasties. Apparently they also improve the flavour and reduce shrinkage, which must be a good thing.

Apuro 0121 744 0968,

Hatco Hi-Touch Salamander

What can you do in eight seconds? I used to go out with a bloke who rarely devoted more time than that to anything. If I'd had a Hatco Hi-Touch Salamander, at least I could have made some lunch at the same time. It takes just eight seconds to reach the required cooking temperature, and produces the classic au gratin effect for products such as dauphinoise or lobster thermidor. Removing the plate turns off the elements, worth remembering with energy bills the scandal they are.

Imperial 01509 260150,

Coolit-Rite Time/Temperature

I have a hard enough time getting food hot enough in this kitchen, without worrying about how long it takes to get cold again, but apparently that's the sort of thing you have to keep an eye on these days. Food safety specialist Cooper Atkins has developed a temperature probe with a programmable timer so you can monitor how long cooked food takes to cool down prior to chilled storage, in line with food safety regulations. So if that funny-looking bloke from the council starts poking around with his thermometer again, I'll be ready for him.

MCS Technical Products 01793 538308

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