Drinkaware develops app to tell drinkers when they’ve had enough

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The Drinkaware app allows users to set their local as a potential weak spot'
The Drinkaware app allows users to set their local as a potential weak spot'
Drinkaware has launched a mobile app for drinkers to track their alcohol consumption – including a function identifying pubs as ‘weak spots’.

The free app, available initially on iPhone, uses an extensive database of alcohol brands and sets personal goals based on the user’s drinking habits.

Drinkaware has also developed a pinpoint location function which it says will “provide that extra support in the places that are identified as ‘weak spots’, such as your favourite pub or the local off licence”.

A spokeswoman for Drinkaware said this feature allowed users to choose a location where they would receive a "gentle reminder that I have set a goal to ‘drink one less’ when I’m there at the time I specified".

She added: "It’s about giving people a little extra encouragement to stick to their goals when there may be a higher chance of them forgetting or giving up on their goals."


Other features include graphs and charts reflecting the user’s weekly, daily and monthly consumption and information on the amount of exercise needed to burn off calories consumed

Ben Butler, head of digital at Drinkaware, said: “We are delighted to be launching our new mobile app for iPhone. We know that while lots of people recognise the need to cut back on their alcohol intake, many lack the support to actually make a change.”

“This app has been designed to help people change their drinking, by providing support and encouragement in a non-judgemental way at the times and locations people need it the most. Our app helps people to make positive changes in their relationship with alcohol, so they can start to enjoy the health benefits of cutting down or giving up.”

A version of the app for Android phones is due out in 2015.

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Posted by david,

What on earth about this smartphone app could possibly be made "compulsory"?

Compulsory for the public to do what exactly? And how do you imagine "compulsory" becomes enforced?

Totally ludicrous.

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Quite Correct

Posted by RFM,

TWF is quite right what starts off as voluntary soon becomes compulsory egged on by pressure groups.

Look how certain certain voluntary licensing conditions became mandatory under amendments.

Best Bar None was a small scheme in Manchester and is now apparently the 'National' standard.

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Have we been annexed again?

Posted by david,

Phew! That's a relief then. So people can use it if they find any value in it, or simply dismiss it as completely irrelevant to their lives.

I'll study all the forthcoming party election manifestoes to see whether any of them are intending to force me to buy an iPhone. Scary stuff!

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