Beer pub prints negative reviews on clothing

By Nikkie Sutton

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Beer chat: the T-shirt has created a talking point with customers at the pub
Beer chat: the T-shirt has created a talking point with customers at the pub
A Greater Manchester pub has printed negative reviews from social media on T-shirts to make drinkers realise the impact their words have.

Husband-and-wife team Sean and Sophie Robinson opened the Assembly, in Urmston, last month (February) and said the new T-shirts had created quite a stir in the pub.

Sean told The Morning Advertiser​: “Myself and my wife ,were talking about some of the comments and after a while, we couldn’t help but laugh about it.

“We started picking our favourites out and it started from there. We were in the middle of getting some T-shirts designed and asked our printer to hang fire on the original idea and print our negative feedback instead."

Making people laugh

He added: “It has been a big talking point in the bar. Everyone has mentioned it since it happened and it has been nice to turn something negative into something to make people laugh.

“Impact wise, it would be nice for people to realise that just because something is not for you, doesn’t mean it deserves to be ridiculed and neither do people who enjoy it.

“It started to get a little personal and it wasn’t necessary. People go on these forums and forget that it is all public and can be damaging.”

The pub serves a variety of beers from a plethora of breweries including Verdant Brewing Co, Cloudwater Brew Co and Burning Soul Brewing Company.

Review comments

The reviews shown on the T-shirt criticised the cost of beer and one user, Mark K said: “Just had a call from my father. He was financially assaulted by the bar staff at the Assembly. £6.70 a pint!!!!”

Sean said: “It is also about people not presuming that all beer should share the same cost as it isn’t like we are charging £6.70 for a pint of Fosters.”

The Assembly isn't the first pub to print negative reviews on clothing - Scottish brewer and operator BrewDog​ also did it last year.

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